E-Cigarettes: The Future of Smoking

April 29, 2022 2 min read

In recent months companies have seen a huge rise in the sale of electronic cigarettes, or e-cigarettes for short.   With the smoking ban in full force in the UK, many smokers have been looking for alternative ways to get their nicotine ‘hit’ and e-cigarettes fit the bill perfectly.


Known as the ‘healthy’ alternative to smoking, they contain an e-liquid and allow the smoker to inhale nicotine vapours but not the harmful materials contained in a normal cigarette.  This makes them a popular option with people who are trying to kick the habit and recent statistics show that 25% of those who are trying to quit smoking are opting to use e-cigarettes to help them do so.

This figure makes the e-cigarette the most popular quitting tool in the UK.   

Of course people who enjoy smoking and do not want to quit also use e cigarettes on a long term basis with far less anticipated side effects than traditional smoking. This is because it contains no tar or carbon monoxide than normal cigarettes. The vapour is also far healthier than traditional cigarette smoke as it is simply a water vapour.

So why the increase in sales of late? It is being suggested that the reason behind the increase in sales recently is the promotion electronic cigarettes are receiving at the hands of celebrities, literally.  Johnny Depp was seen holding an electronic cigarette in one of his recent films, and he has been rumoured to use one in real life too.

Not only have some big named celebrities been seen making full use of e-cigarettes but there are also a number of televised adverts for electronic cigarette brands which feature well known faces.  Electronic cigarette brands do not have to comply with the 50 year long ban on advertising cigarettes on television and they are taking full advantage of this, seemingly to their great benefit.

Also considered a quitting aid to help you wean yourself off real smoking habits, it seems that the boom in sales also comes down to the variety that e-cigarettes offer. This includes both in their strengths of nicotine and their e liquid flavours. Flavours include anything from apple to chocolate, coffee and bubblegum. Many people choose to create and mix their own flavours with easy to use and cost effective DIY kits. Of course, a popular option is also the traditional nicotine flavour which can mimic a real cigarette taste.