Electronic Cigarette Guide: Why So Popular?

April 29, 2022 3 min read

picture of a woman smoking an ecig

E Cigarettes have grown massively over the past 5 years, the reason why it has grown is because e cigarette helps you quit smoking is because it distracts you from a real cigarette by using nicotine e-liquid. We provide you the highest quality electronic cigarettes for the best price and have established a trusting bond between our loyal customers.

The unhealthy part of real cigarettes are all the toxins included when you inhale them, but with our eletronic cigarettes, you will be able to feel healthy again while subsiding your cravings.

How Do They Work?

The only thing you do different with an electronic cigarette is the starting process! You simply insert the vapour cartridge and then turn on the cigarette. There is no lighting involved and you simply puff as you normally would with a real cigarette. When you're done with one cartridge, you simply purchase another and insert this into your cigarette.

What Are the Benefits?

• Harmless to others
• Harmless to you
• Inexpensive
• Rechargeable and refillable
• Many types of flavours
• Helps wean you off of actual cigarettes

There are many types of flavours to choose from. With this, you insert the cartridge in your rechargeable cigarette and start using. These cigarettes usually have a battery life of 7-10 hours and one puff can subside your cravings for hours instead of constantly puffing out of pure addiction.

These artificial cigarettes are also harmless to others. No one will have to worry about second hand smoking and harming their lungs, so you're allowed to smoke these inside most facilities. Some artificial cigarettes have dials on them so you can control the intensity of the hit you take from the e cigarettes.

Since you're allowed to control the intensity, these are often used to help others get off of real cigarettes as they can turn down the intensity as time goes by.

Many people compare this to pocket hookahs as they all use flavoured vapour that are harmless to others, except e cig is designed to help you get off of unhealthy cigarettes for good by helping you diminish those cravings. This is a healthy tobacco alternative that won't tarnish your lungs.

The cartridges do contain nicotine, but do not contain tobacco, so you're removing the harsh chemicals and toxins from the real cigarette while keeping the addictive quality about them without harm.

Another great part about turning to e-cigarettes, is the fact that you can save thousands of dollars a year by purchasing one of these with their corresponding cartridges, rather than cartons of actual cigarettes. Stop throwing your money and your lungs out the window and turn to the rapidly growing trend of electronic cigarettes.

Many of you may be wondering how to get started with all of this and how you can try it out. Starter kits are available for cigarette smokers who are interested in making the switch to the artificial cigarettes. These can help you determine if you love our product and what we preach.

What Does a Kit Consist Of?

Starter kits usually consist of a cartridge, an e-cig, as well as some flavours. While recharging is free, cartridges for these flavours are what you need to replace when done; although, these are much cheaper than buying cigarettes every month and last way longer than your normal cigarette.

There are truly no downfalls to trying one of our products. You are becoming a healthier you while being trendy and saving money, as well as the environment. You can help create cleaner air as well as remove that nasty cigarette stench from your clothes by switching to an artificial cigarette.

Jump on the healthy bandwagon and make the switch from smelly, unhealthy lungs to tasty and harmless vapour. You won't regret it.