Advancing Vaping 101: The Comprehensive Guide To RTAs, RBAs And RDAs

April 29, 2022 4 min read

It is simple and straightforward to get started with e-cigarettes. However, for people who want to have the finest vaping experience, it definitely pays off to be familiar with all of the modern technology that is quickly overtaking smoking, including the various kinds of atomisers that are available and what they can provide you with.

If you have quit your tobacco habit and have instead switched to vaping, or are thinking about it, you may be wondering about everything that relates to this trendy and enjoyable pastime. There are the components of the actual e-cigarettes, in addition to all of the various options to choose from and acronyms to decipher. What about all of the different brands? What about Kangertech? Is that a good brand for you. With all of the different questions that you might have, how can you avoid being completely overwhelmed by everything?

We here at Simply eLiquid, have the inside scoop on everything that you really know to know in order to get the most from your e-cigarettes. This handy guide will explain what all the different elements are and how they all work together. So keep reading and you will be an e-cigarette expert in no time!

Getting All Of The Different E-Cigarette Jargon Sorted Out

It is supposed to be an enjoyable experience to use e-cigarettes - and it definitely is once you know your stuff and have settled into your routine. When you are first getting started with vaping, it may appear that manufacturers such as Innokin and Kangertech do everything they can to confuse their customers with all of the jargon that seems more suited for a science experiment instead of an enjoyable pastime. However, with a little knowledge, all of the technical terms and buzzwords will become totally clear to you, including the different terms that are used for various types of atomisers. So let's go over what is involved.

E-Cigarette Atomiser 1: Rebuildable Dripping Atomisers (RDAs)

These are also called drippers or dripping atomisers. They allow vaping by dripping e-liquid from out of a bottle and onto heated wicks or coils. RDAs are well known for generating large quantities of vapour e-liquid. They are the best atomisers that are available these days. Many individuals who love to vape really love RDAs for the pure and intense flavors that they offer, which makes them among the most popular of all of the e-cigarettes that are available in the marketplace. Check out some of the awesome RDAs that we have for sale.

E-Cigarette Atomiser 2: Rebuildable Atomisers (RBAs)

This is a general name that is used for an atomiser that comes with a deck where coils and wicks can be mounted. They are a top choice for experienced vapers since it provides incredible vapors and flavors. Like with drippers, you can build on decks with RBAs. Tehy have a tank that will hold more liquid - which provides you with lengthy stretches of vaping before having to refill. Our online store offers some great RBAs.

E-Cigarette Atomiser 3: Rebuildable Tank Atomisers (RTAs)

This type of atomiser comes with a rebuilder tank. These devices come equipped with a sealed chamber that is surrounded by a reservoir to hold the liquid. Connected to the chamber is a chimney that guides vapor to the drip tip. As the wick is becoming saturated with the e-liquid the coils perform the vaporizing. Because it has a rebuildable atomiser that means you are able to make your own coils, which gives you a lot more control over the vaping. Simply eLiquid has something to offer for every budget.

So to review: RDS are a kind of dripping atomiser and are rebuildable, and so are RBAS. A rebuildable atomiser tank is featured on the RTAs, and they are all slight variations of one another.

Which Is The Best e-Cigarette Vaporiser For You?

This may all sound great, however if you are like most people, you don't get hung up on all of the various technicalities associated with e-cigarettes or the specifics of the atomisers. You just want to know which is the best one for you.

It all depends on what your preferences are. If convenience is what you are mainly looking for and pure flavor levels are not a big concern for you, then you may want to choose an RTA e-cigarette. You can just pick one u and begin to vape. That's about all there is to them. For individuals who are searching for a richer and deeper vaping experience, they should choose an RDA instead, and drip and vape as you are going along, or go with a customizable RBA.

Of course, all three of them basically do the exact same thing - they deliver the vapor you are after, just in slightly different ways. Just keep the basics in mind when it comes to RTAs, RBAs and RDAs: they are three variations of an atomiser and begin with the letter "R" which stands for rebuildable. So basically RBA is the generic term for any kind of atomiser that has a deck on it that can be built on with coils and wicks. One of the key characteristics of an RBA is that it can produce large quantities of vapor. You don't have manual dripping with the RTA.

Whatever atomiser you select from Simply eLiquid to use with your e-cigarettes, including the amazing Innokin and Kangertech brands, happy vaping!

So now that you know more about the amazing vaping world and all that is involved, we invite you to check our are extensive selection of e-cigarette brands to find the one that is best for you.