Electronic Cigarettes: Scan To Vape

April 29, 2022 2 min read


E-cigarettes are revolutionising the lives of many smokers who are in some cases almost evangelical about the great results which they can bring about. Giving up smoking is for many people hard work so the advent of the e-cigarette has been a real boon in terms of aiding smokers to turn around their lives.

Electronic Cigarettes & Children

However there have been some reports of children “trying” electronic cigarettes which of course is not a good thing. This is why one company Vapor-Corp have worked to come up with a solution to the problem…a biometric fingerprint scanner which will halt anyone who isn't “authorised” to use the device if they don't have the required fingerprint needed.


Whilst the device is still in development and is said to be in prototype stage, the inventors are excited about the possibilities it offers. If your fingerprint isn’t registered with the device then it won’t work…not only could this be a great way to stop curious kids in their tracks but also a great way to ensure that nobody but the owner of any vaping device gets to use it…potentially putting off thieves.

Ensures Safety

With tempting flavours such as vanilla, cola and even jellybean out there, kids could be forgive for perhaps wondering what the fuss is about and taking a sneaky puff…with a fingerprint scanner this risk would be completely removed. Packaging on E-Cigarettes clearly state that the devices are not intended for use by minors and shops are forbidden from selling them to children but what if a vaper accidentally forgets to put theirs in a safe place?


There is some debate as to whether this is a welcomed technological add-on to the much loved e-cig as while some think it is a great idea by making their device childproof others think that such a novelty will only complicate matters and is simply just not needed.

What are your thoughts?

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