FDA To Regulate Electronic Cigarettes

April 29, 2022 2 min read

Image: www.fda.gov

Popular E Cigarettes To be Regulated By FDA

As e cigarettes become more and more popular, naturally more attention is being paid to their safety and any potential risks they may have. Although many studies have been completed which show them to be safe to use, there may be room for some regulated warnings to come with them to ensure people use them safely.

 In recent news it has been publicised that the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) are considering placing warning labels on eliquid containing liquid nicotine. They are also considering placing a requirement on the packaging of eliquid to ensure that it is child-resistant.

Rise In Misuse & Accidental Nicotine Exposure

Despite the clear warnings from suppliers, with the rise in the use of eliquids there has naturally been a rise in misuse or accidental nicotine exposure which has in turn led to more people visiting A&E or the doctor with issues related to nicotine poisoning. So there is definitely room for labelling to be improved or regulated, to ensure users are properly aware of how dangerous liquid nicotine can be if misused.

Despite the open publication of the FDA's considerations, it is unlikely any regulations placed will be laid out any time soon. The FDA are notoriously slow at acting on any considerations and proposed regulations in Spring last year to prohibit the sale of e cigarettes and their associated products to minors as well as adding warning labels to those products to warn people about nicotine. These rules could well also lead to a restriction of advertising e cigarettes and associated products on TV. However, no rules have yet been placed.

The FDA may also face a delay in their actions because they are currently reviewing over 100,000 comments they have received in relation to their proposed regulations.