The Top E Liquid Flavours To Vape This Summer

April 29, 2022 2 min read


Seasonal vaping is something many vapers indulge in; having your e liquid favourite flavours is one thing but changing them to shift with the seasons is another! What better on a wintry day than something warming? What could be nicer on a summer day than a cooling or refreshing flavour? We’ve brought together a selection of the best summer flavours for you to choose from. Whether it’s so that you can adjust your vaping habits on holiday or so that you can indulge in something bright and lively whilst you relax in the garden, you’re sure to find something exciting!

Some of our top flavours for summer follow…they’ll put you right in the mood for beach parties, barbeques and long, hot summer evenings no matter where in the world you are!

  • Tropical Island: This has to be one of our number one summery e liquid flavours at the moment. It’s a delicious blend of tropical fruits that will put you in the mood for relaxing and enjoying life! If you’re heading off to hotter climes this holiday season then this is the flavour to pack!
  • Zest Appeal: What could be more summery than the zingy, sharp flavour of fresh lemons? That’s what you get with Zest Appeal and you won’t find a better taste to enjoy on the beach!
  • Strawberry Milkshake: Go back in time to the carefree summers of your youth with this fun e liquid flavour…it reminds us of those fantastic beachside cafes where you can sit and sip an ice-cold drink and laze the day away.
  • Very Cherry: What’s more summery than a basketful of freshly picked cherries? This e liquid flavour is bursting with the sweet, sharp taste of fresh cherries and we love it for its fun and refreshing edge!
  • Raspberry Sorbet: This e liquid flavour is so popular because it’s sweet without being overwhelming and in terms of tasty it hits all the right spots.

Summer is a fantastic time for relaxing and enjoying all of the pleasures that outdoor life offers. Our e liquid flavours are specially designed to keep you in the right mood for chilling and enjoying the flavours of the season no matter what your tastes!

Keep your summer mood going all year round if you’re so inclined, there’s nothing like flavour and scent to bring those pleasant memories rolling back into the forefront of your mind and even as autumn approaches you’ll be able to stay relaxed with our gorgeous summery e liquid flavours!