How To Vape Like A Ninja

April 29, 2022 3 min read

These days, it seems like everyone is vaping. You only have to take a short trip to the shop to see someone lovingly holding an e cigarette to their mouth. However, for everyone else, vaping is still a little bit weird. When you don't vape you see all these people walking around holding these Alice In Wonderland style pipes and wonder what on earth they are doing. Plus, you have to remember many people have heard uneducated information about vaping, which makes them wary and suspicious. Because of this reason, despite the fact e cigarettes are completely legal, many pubs, bars, eateries and public transport companies have banned the use of e cigarettes. This means us innocent, vaping folk are still put in the same box as people who smoke normal cigarettes which is sad, but very true at the moment. With this in mind, there's cause for a little creativity when it comes to vaping in public places.

Here are a few tips on vaping like a ninja:

What You'll Need

Skills son, you'll need skills. You can stealth vape using every kind of e cigarette but some will make the job easier for you. For example; trying to stealth vape with a giant mod designed for a 60 a day smoker is not going to be the easiest feat. Small batteries, low volts and a high PG content will all help because you won't be sitting there making enough plumes to rival Thomas The Tank Engine.

What You'll Need To Do

So before we discuss where you can try stealth vaping, we'll discuss how. There's a simple process that you can adapt and modify if needs be.

  • Hold your e cigarette so that it's almost completely concealed with your hand (don't forget to cover up the LED light!) - try the thumbs up method where you grip with your fingers and put your thumb up to the mouthpiece.
  • Inhale (shallow not deep) and hold for a second
  • Breath in more air through your nose but don't let the vapour come out
  • Hold for a second
  • Open you mouth a little and exhale down, like you're blowing a flute
  • Consider holding your hand in front of your mouth as you exhale, as though you're rubbing your top lip


This is where it gets a little complicated, you'll need to combine your ninja skills with your Sherlock skills to make informed decisions about where to practise your stealth vaping.

Bars And Clubs

Vaping in a club is completely possible - smoke machines used on the dance floor, toilets, dark corners, lots of people - the possibilities are endless, you shouldn't even need to use your full ninja skills. With bars and pubs it's a little more tricky. Once you've mastered how to effectively hold your e cigarette and inhale in a stealth manner, your only real concern is going to be concealing the vapour. If you are around a table, directing exhales downwards can be all you need to do, and keeping an eye on watchful staff as well to make sure any vapour is exhaled whilst they aren't looking.


Don't vape in restaurants unless you really have to, it really is a complete taboo in that kind of environment. Use the hand conceal method and vape downwards under the table, or alternatively vape in the toilets.

At Work

We really can't suggest you do vape at work, ninja or not unless it's in the smoking area. It is possible to do it using various face blocks like magazines or files, and bending under the desk to exhale, however, you could lose your job so - is it really worth it? If you feel comfortable enough, speak to your boss about vaping and whether or not it's something they would consider allowing inside the office. Otherwise keep vaping to break times or vape at work at your own risk.

So there you have it, just a few tips on how to vape like a ninja. Once you've gotten the hang of it, it's likely you'll want to push your luck and try it everywhere and anywhere. Just remember to be respectful of how other people feel and where possible try to educate them on the facts of vaping - the more people who know the facts, the more people will be accepting of it.

Simply E Liquid does not endorse 'stealth vaping' in places where property owners have elected to exercise their right to prohibit vaping. This practise should only be used where you know vaping is allowed but you want to avoid public scrutiny or confrontation.