Holiday Vaping Tips

April 29, 2022 2 min read


Vaping On Holiday

Jetting off on holiday is fraught with arrangements and planning as it is…but if you are a smoker then the thought of long-haul flights can be more alarming for you than for other travellers. The fear for many smokers of course is the hours spent in the air and in the airport without a smoke.

Vaping has to some degree made this less of an issue but it’s not all airlines which permit the use of electronic cigarettes on board or even all airports which permit vaping in transit. Before you fly, check with your airline what the rules surrounding vaping are…it’s much better to be prepared than not!

Declare Your E Cig

One of the first things that you should reassure yourself about is that airlines know all about E-Cigarettes and what they are; they won’t think that they’re drugs paraphernalia and they won’t confiscate them…you don’t need to hide them! On rare occasions however, some equipment may be confiscated; this only happens in cases where the traveller has packed a large amount of supplies and customs becomes suspicious that they are planning to sell them. If you remain open about your E-Cigarette and declare it as you pass through security, things should be fine.

Ask The Airline And Your Fellow Passengers

Remember to check with your airline if vaping on-board is permitted and before you do, check with your fellow passengers if they mind or not…this is just common courtesy and most people won’t mind as education regarding vaping has improved; people are growing less suspicious of E-Cigarettes and becoming more accustomed to seeing them in use.

Make Sure You Know YOUR Airlines Regulations

If you want to carry your vaping equipment in your hand luggage it is best to let the airline know about it before boarding the plane. If you have any doubts whatsoever, do contact the airline prior to your journey and get a clear idea of the latest rules
and regulations.

Store Your Electronic Cigarette & Accessories In A Cool Place

Remember that if you’re travelling to a hot country, you will need to reassess the way you store your equipment; don’t leave your E-Juice or your E-Cigarette in the hot sun and do find a cool spot in which to store them.

With a little sensible planning and some organisation there’s no need to worry about your equipment and no need to think that you won’t be able to carry on vaping no matter where you are in the world!