Intermediate Vaping Guide

April 29, 2022 2 min read

A forward step made by novice vapers in the world of vaping, who feel they are ready to take things to a higher level, intermediate vapers are experienced enough to move on from their beginner e-cigs to more complex and definitely more rewarding setups. Intermediate vaping devices require a little more comprehensive knowledge about their functionality to ensure a smooth and more fulfilling vaping experience. Far longer battery life, far better flavors and thick layers of vapor clouds are some of the goods you will experience with an intermediate vaping device.

Sub-Ohm Vaping

A lot of vapors mostly beginners and intermediates didn’t know anything about sub-ohm vaping about a year and a half ago but in just one year it has become one of the most famous vaping trends. It revolves around vaping with a low resistance device usually under 1.0 Ohms. The “sub-ohm coils” that have the tendency of going below 1.0 Ohm, unlike the most beginner devices, are used for this purpose. Sub-ohm vaping is famous for providing the vaper with superior flavor and comparatively higher vapor concentration and production.

Tanks & Coils

E-cig tanks that allow a smooth sub-ohm vaping experience are a new thing in the market. Latest atomizer heads that are introduced in the market can easily fire at lower resistance. It means that comparatively more power is required to ensure their proper function but the vapor flavor tastes better and the vapor production is denser. Sub-ohm tanks have evolved so much over the last few years that they are considered one of the best options in the vape market. They are kicking all the other old-fashioned designs, like the Aspire Nautilus Mini, out of the picture. We have noticed the vape market getting crowded with the latest tanks each day that all offer a uniquely different flavor and vapor.

Sub-ohm tanks mostly work with low resistance coils with the help of temperature sensing. With the lowest coil resistance of 0.15, one of the most famous resistance settings are 0.2, 0.3, and 0.5 ohms that all require a specific power intake to function properly. Lower the resistance level of the coils, higher will be the power required by them like a 0.5-ohm coil will need a minimum of watts power while a 0.2-ohm coil will further require 60-watts to work properly. A lot of intermediate vapers use high power e-cig mods for this purpose so they might get the best out of their e-cig flavor.

Premium Quality E-Liquids

Premium E-liquids, like all of the other things discussed above, are the next-level vaping flavors for people who want to experience more out of their vaping. To put it in simple words, these e-liquids are the finest vape flavors out there. We are not advocating that there is anything wrong with non-premium e-juices. The differences between the two types are the types of products offered, a variety of flavors, texture consistency and the VG/PG ratios. Like the originals, premium e-liquids are also offered in a large variety of flavors made from only the best-quality ingredients. Some of the exotic combinations, that we have tried and recommend, can sweep you into a state of trance.