April 29, 2022 4 min read

When we sit down and look at vaping devices in comparison to smoking, it’s easy to see why one is safer than the other.

Quite a few people assume, incorrectly, that when it comes to an electronic cigarette, there is no real health benefit to be gained from smoking one. But, when compared against the conventional counterpart, normal cigarettes, one does start to identify some subtle benefits in terms of health, and in terms of what is more socially acceptable in a modern period.

Is Vaping Better Than Smoking?

So, one of the first questions which people probably set out to ask when it comes to an electronic cigarette is the following.

“Is vaping better than smoking?”

To answer the question, we have to stop and take a look at what is meant by better. The word better is quite subjective, because it relies upon external criteria.

Generally, we would consider smoking an electronic cigarette to be better than smoking a normal one. However, we have created a set of criteria for people to take a look at. This includes things like health benefits, socially accepted customs, etc etc.

Is Vaping Safer than Smoking?

Ah, see, now we are asking the important questions. Is vaping safer than smoking? From a health and safety standpoint, yes, absolutely.

We have to remember that normal cigarettes contain large quantities of harmful chemicals to the human body. Carbon monoxide, tar, neither of these are good things for a human to ingest or be exposed to in any considerable amount. The fact that electronic cigarettes contain neither of these two substances makes it an objectively better choice than a normal cigarette.

Other particularly important things to consider is that normal cigarettes play a heavy role in the development of certain cancers, specifically lung cancer. Now, this is tied back to the carbon monoxide and hard, but electronic cigarettes have thus far been shown to have no cancer inducing effects on the body.

Is Vaping as Bad as Smoking?

One of the big questions to get asked is whether vaping is as bad as smoking. Understandably, this is pretty tough to try and answer if you’re not clued in.

We personally would not consider vaping to be as bad as smoking by any stretch of the imagination. Smoking kills people. There are no two ways about it. Smoking has a long history of killing people. Vaping, despite being a relatively new thing, doesn’t kill people.

Obviously, electronic cigarettes are not as bad from a health perspective, but they’re also not as bad for a social perspective as well. What you have to consider when it comes to the act of a social interaction is that people judge each other based on quotes. So, to give an example that is relevant, if you stink of cigarette smoke, it’s going to put people off. People are going to be naturally disinclined to talk to you because you don’t smell very nice. Cigarette smoke is not pleasant. So, in that respect, electric cigarettes are not as bad as normal ones at all. In fact, they are much more pleasant for a social setting, which gives them a leg up on the competition.

How to Switch From Smoking to Vaping

So, if you have been sold on the idea of smoking an electronic cigarette, you may be wondering how you make the transition from one to the other. Understandably, it’s quite a difficult thing to try and do, because people want to feel like they’re in control. They want to be as well equipped as possible, and so it’s important in that respect.

Ok, let’s talk about exactly how you would make a transition from one to the other. Obviously, you would need a good provider, and we have many different options available for you on the website, but you need to make sure that you slowly ease yourself into it. Replace one of your cigarettes a day with the electronic version, and work your way in. Don’t rush this.

In conclusion, an electronic cigarette is a far safer choice for you to have than a normal one. You have to make sure that you are being safe and considerate for the people around you, and respecting your own body. Cigarettes, fundamentally, don’t do either of those things. They expose your body to harmful chemicals, make you unpleasant to be around, and to be honest, they are archaic. They are remnants of a time when people didn’t have access to a better standard of cigarette, but now we do. So logically, there is really no reason why you couldn’t make the transition today. With adjustable levels of nicotine in the juices, and a variety of different flavours to choose from, smoking can be something pleasant and fun. It can be socially acceptable, and not that unpleasant odour which hangs around on your clothing for weeks on end.