Keeping your Vape Tank Clean

April 29, 2022 2 min read

Have you ever unpacked your brand new atomizer loaded it with your favorite e-juice and after taking a long tasty draw found a not so pleasant flavor? Or have you ever switched up your old e-juice for a newer only to get a foul combination of the two flavors?

This happens fairly often to the novice vaper, we've all been there. Cleaning is actually an easy task and should be done regularly if you hope to keep your tank functioning optimally and your flavors crisp and defined.

Cleaning your tank should not take to long. You don't even need any of those fancy solutions and $40 cleaning kits either. You can make do with run of the mill dish soap (unscented), water (tap water is fine), alcohol, a bowl, a decommissioned toothbrush and some paper towels.


Here is an easy to follow guide to cleaning your atomizer tank for better flavors and function.

Step 1: whether you are unpacking a brand new atomizer or servicing your old tank, it needs to be fully disassembled and cleaned. Take some time to study the design and positions of all the o-rings and screws. If you draw yourself a diagram you will have an easier time remembering where every little piece goes.

Step 2: take the large bowl and fill it with a 90% alcohol cleaning solution. Slosh them about very gently to rinse as much of the contaminants as possible. Remove the pieces, empty the container and refill it with warm water. Throw in a little unscented dish soap and allow the parts to soak for as long as the manufacturer's indications state.

Step 3: after they have soaked and the oils and contaminants are less adhesive, gently scrub each piece with your old toothbrush. Pay special attention to airways and inner points to ensure optimal air flow.

Step 4: rinse all the parts very well and lay them out on a paper towel to dry fully.

Step 5: Reassemble atomizer! If the voice command doesn't work, you will need to do this by hand. If you have an easy design or impeccable memory this will be no problem. If not refer back t o the diagram your drew back in the first step. The o-rings may be a little difficult to re-insert. Try lubing them with e-juice before putting them in place. Don't forget to add a new coil.

And there you have it you are ready to enjoy hit from your favorite vaping liquid.

Maintaining your Battery

First off, don't drop it. These mods have some delicate parts that don't respond well to impact. Just take the time to ensure the connectors are free from grease and dirt. Rub it down with a clean q-tip for improved longevity.

The box mod with batteries will require this important revision. You will want to look over all the connectors every so often. Make sure the spring at the negative end is still springy and that no signs of burning or corrosion are apparent.

Properly maintaining and cleaning your vaping mechanism will improve your vaping experience and ensures that all the parts of your equipment will work well in the future.