New Law Could Reduce The Amount Of Smokers In UK

April 29, 2022 1 min read

It has been a debate for a while now, do we continue to sell cigarettes as they are or do we follow in the footsteps of Australia and pass a law which would make it illegal for cigarette manufacturers to place any branding on their product -  essentially making all cigarettes packets plain in design.

This new law would be brought into play in order to improve overall public health whilst also helping to reduce the amount of children taking up the habit. Since Australia decided to pass the law two years ago cigarette sales have dropped significantly and the Government is hoping the same can be achieved in Britain.

It is said that Tobacco firms are fiercely resisting the law and are even arguing that plain packaging infringes on intellectual property rights covering brands. They also put forward the case that plain packaging is a counterfeiters dream and that the new law will see about counterfeit products which could have massive health implications.

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