"Social Smokers" Are Not Safe From The Smoking Dangers

April 29, 2022 2 min read

A teacher in Hong Kong, Ryan Au, has created an experiment using 2 sets of pigs lungs to show the damaging effects of smoking.

The experiment saw one set 'breathe' in clean air whilst the other simulated smoking. One of the main things to take from this experiment is just how damaging cigarettes are as by only using 60 cigarettes alone Ryan showed just how much damage could be achieved. This should start to trigger a warning alarm for 'social smokers' as this experiment clearly demonstrates cigarettes destructive power.

Humans by their very nature take on the "it will never happen to me" approach to life. But guess what? If you are a smoker, even "only" a social smoker, you are causing this damage to your lungs and you are putting your health at serious risk. Yes you may have a grandma who has smoked her entire life and has never shown any signs of ill health but then there are people who have jumped out of planes only for their parachute to fail and they have been at gravities mercy, and survived the fall. Would you jump out of a plane without a parachute? No, I didn't think so! There are always the few who are the exception to the rule but what we do know is that smoking is hazardous.

Being an addictive habit, quitting can be challenging, but there is help avaliable. If you have tried to quit in the past but didn't succeed don't view it as a failure but more as a lesson. Why didn't you quit? What caused you to go back to cigarettes? Was there anything that helped you to stay focused? There are many ways to quit and if one doesn't work then try another. The important thing is not to give up after a setback, because the chances are you will have one or two along your journey to quit.

If you are thinking of trying an electronic cigarette then have a read of this article which helps to explain the basics of vaping.