Adults Have Taste Buds Too!!!

April 29, 2022 2 min read

Adults Have Taste Buds Too...

The news has been full of E Cigarettes lately…the benefits have been extolled and called into question in equal measure and the latest issue the press have taken up is that of flavours. Some quarters have claimed that E Cigarettes with sweeter flavours are “marketed at children”; not only is this untrue but it’s also a rather silly assumption to make. Adults make up a large portion of the consumers who buy candy and sweet drinks and that’s simply because they enjoy them! Adults are no less likely to be tempted by a sweet flavour than children are…of course if the E Cigarettes were being marketed using popular cartoon characters or were being pushed alongside the comics then perhaps watchdogs would have something to complain about!

No Logic In The Argument

The average child shows no interest in smoking in this day and age because they've been educated to such a high standard regarding the risks. E Cigarettes are usually placed behind counters and their packaging is “serious” in nature…not attractive to children at all. To assume that giving anything a sweet flavour is to automatically market it at children is ridiculous. Adults have long enjoyed a wide range of sweets, soft drinks and alcoholic drinks which are not designed for children and which are consumed almost entirely by adults.

Education Is Essential

The responsibility in safeguarding children lies with parents as well as with retailers; packaging, placement and adhering to age limits in the sale of E Cigarettes are only part of what will ensure that the products are not bought or used by minors. Parents have a responsibility to educate their children as to what E Cigarettes are and what they are for…no matter what the flavour!

Enjoy The Flavour Without The Calories

Some adults who vape find that as they grow accustomed to the tobacco based flavours, they like to mix it up with something “lighter” in the form of cola, cherry or other sweet tasting oils…and this is as it should be. Adults who vape should have the choice of a variety of flavours if it helps them in their quest to give up nicotine based cigarettes. There is also the consideration of satisfying a craving for sweet things which some adults experience as they go through the process of ending addition…having the freedom to purchase liquids which replicate their favourite sweet snack is a revelation and one which could potentially stop people from putting on weight as they snack on confectionary.

All in all the freedom to purchase a good variety of flavours is an important one for anyone who vapes…vaping is an adult’s pastime and the marketing is geared towards adults alone no matter what the press would like to think! Of course there is always a risk that older teenagers may be attracted to them…but this has long been a feature of any product geared towards adults, vaping is a newish pastime but not any different to other adult-geared products and in fact, it is less dramatically marketed than the alcohol industry by and large.