Spend More Time With Vapers If You Want To Quit Smoking!

April 29, 2022 2 min read

picture of ecig and eliquid

If you’re keen to quit the cigs in 2019, you might want to start spending more time with people who make excellent use of vape tanks, as new research has just revealed that doing so could actually help you ditch the cigarettes for good.

The University College London study, reported on by Metro, suggests that smokers who frequently spent time with vapers were approximately 20 per cent more likely to have tried recently to quit, feeling more motivated to turn their back on cigarettes.

Lead author of the study Dr Sarah Jackson explained that it’s becoming far more common for smokers to have contact with vapers, although some concerns have come to the fore that this could “renormalise smoking in England”, having an impact on people’s motivation to quit.

“Our results found no evidence that spending time with vapers discourages smokers from quitting, which should help to alleviate concerns about the wider public health impact of ecigarettes,” she went on to say.

Tobacco control expert with Cancer Research UK Kruti Shrotri made further comments, adding: “‘There hasn’t been much evidence about whether ecigarettes might make smoking tobacco seem normal again. So it’s encouraging to see that mixing with people who vape is actually motivating smokers to quit.”

Those of you out there planning on quitting smoking in the new year might find the Hold My Light scheme a particularly beneficial one to help you go smoke-free. Signing up will see you give up the cigs for 30 days – and if you do succeed in not smoking for a whole month, you’re five times more likely to quit for good!

Create a profile for yourself on the Hold My Light site and then invite your friends to make commitments to you to help keep you motivated, which could be anything from cooking you dinner once a week for the month or treating you to a manicure at the end of the 30 days by way of celebration.

Of course, everyone will have their own way of quitting but you may well find that you need the support of friends and family, especially if you’re a heavy smoker. And while some people out there may be able to go cold turkey, don’t put unnecessary pressure on yourself.

You want to maximise your chances of success when it comes to stopping smoking so rather than just try to tough it out and rely on willpower alone, why not try a vape pen to see if it can help you manage your cravings?

There are all sorts of different flavours of e-liquid out there so you’re sure to find one that suits your taste buds… and you can even have nicotine flavour in your ecig if you find yourself missing the taste of actual smokes.