The Art of ‘Steeping’: How to Improve The Flavour of Your E-Liquids

April 29, 2022 2 min read

E-liquids are still fairly new to the world, so not everyone knows how to use them to their full potential. ‘Steeping’ is to “blend, age and mature an e-liquid, to the point where the best flavour can be obtained”, so much like ageing a wine or a whiskey, it’s about getting the best out of something with time.

If you’ve ever opened a bottle of wine and found the first glass tastes a bit odd, you’ll know that it’s important to let it breathe and develop, or the flavour won’t be the best it can be. E-liquids need the same care and attention sometimes.

The simplest method of ‘steeping’ is to open the bottle of e-liquid and just leave it in a spot where there’s no direct sunlight. Do this for no more than a week and you’ll find that the oxygen in the air will have matured the liquid. For many, however, this is too lengthy a process, especially for those who can’t wait to try a new e-liquid once they’ve bought it.

If time is of the essence, then shaking or stirring the e-liquid vigorously can make a quick difference to flavour, particularly if you’ve ordered your e-liquids and they’ve been in a fixed position for a while in the packaging. Just make sure that air bubbles rise to the top, and then repeat if you want.

There are also methods that involve gently heating the e-liquid, such as putting the bottle into a warm water bath. Just make sure you check the temperature of the water, because too high a temperature will negatively affect the nicotine content - the water needs to be warm but definitely not hot. Many differ on the ‘perfect’ temperature for e-liquids in general, with some deciding that a cool, dark room is best and others working with room temperature.

To make the process even more effective, keep the e-liquid in a dark room for a day or two after heating. Leaving the cap off and letting it breathe can improve the large majority of e-liquids, from fruit flavours to coffee and menthol, and produce a much more developed, complex taste than when it was first opened.

So why don’t you try steeping, and see how you can improve the complexity and taste of your e-liquid flavours? Explore our range today.