The Hidden Costs of Smoking

April 29, 2022 2 min read

Many people hear of the health benefits to quitting smoking. But have you considered the financial ones?

You probably aren't aware how much this smoking habit is costing you. You may know that each pack costs you £6, which could mean you are spending £800 a year or more. This may have got your attention, but there are many other costs too.

There are a number of hidden costs linked with smoking.

This includes:

  • Life Insurance. Statistics show that smokers die earlier than non smokers. This means that the cost for life insurance is much higher than for non smokers. Sometimes it can be double! This may amount to thousands of pounds in total each and every year.
  • Home Insurance. This is linked to the above. You may not think the two are related, but statistics show that people who smoke have a higher risk of fires in their home than people that don't smoke. This means smokers pay higher premiums than non smokers which could amount to hundreds of pounds a year.
  • Value of your home.Smoking in your home can cause damage to the walls and ceilings, leaving unsightly stains. This means a house will decrease its value. Also, viewers are less likely to find your home attractive when looking around the property. This is because the smell will also play a part in their decisions, subconsciously making them feel repelled in the house.
  • Car Insurance. Statistics show that smokers get into more car accidents because they are distracted when lighting up. This means your car insurance may also be higher.
  • Car Value. Just like the example of a home losing its value, so too can a car. The stench of cigarettes is even harder to remove from a vehicle, no matter how hard you try and scrub it out it can linger for months and months.
  • Cost of Cleaning. Smokers usually need to pay more money to keep their clothes and possessions clean.
  • Dental Care. Smokers have more dental and gum problems than non smokers. This can be very expensive to rectify!

The above examples show just how costly smoking can become, and the massive impact it will have on your life. To quit, many people choose to wean themselves off by choosing e cigs and e liquid, others use hypnotherapy, acupuncture and meditation to beat their habit and get their finances back on track.