April 29, 2022 2 min read

Menthol Ban Sees Vaping Increase in Popularity


The ban of the sale of menthol cigarettes in May 2020 came as something of a shock for many people. Most smokers did not think it would happen, but it is now illegal to sell or smoke menthol cigarettes or rolling tobacco containing menthol in the UK. The thinking behind the ban was to try and discourage younger smokers from taking up the habit, as the menthol taste hides the harshness of nicotine. However, the good news is that in the vaping industry menthol is still allowed as a flavouring in any of our e-liquids.


A Tool to Quit


While it may have stung a little to find that your favourite menthol cigarettes are no longer allowed you could look at this as an opportunity to quit smoking. Many different studies have proved that vaping is a safer alternative and can be used as a crutch to give up the smokes. the best tobacco industry has long been something governments across the world have pushed for and this is another step towards their demise.


Nicotine Hit


With vaping the nicotine content can be easily varied so you can start with something akin to smoking and gradually reduce the amount of nicotine until you are no longer taking in this chemical. Even with vaping, nicotine is not good for the lungs so developing a cloud habit with many different amazing tasting e-liquids that do not contain this harsh drug is the way to go. Of course, it's still not great for underage people to vape and it is something we discourage, and the industry takes seriously. But for people over the age of 18 who were reluctant to say goodbye to menthol cigarettes, vaping could be the alternative you've been looking for.


Many Different Options


Both here on the blog, and across our website in general you will find lots of information about the different ways you can vape. There are many different setups from beginner to experienced and we are here to try and help and guide you as best we can, to find the perfect vaping setup for you. Because the industry is so large you can also be sure of finding a massive range of e-liquids that have that menthol hit. Some combined with fruit, others combine with nicotine, and some are just out and out menthol. It is also a very friendly community and you will find plenty of help and advice from other vaping users. Whether you want to get into cloud chasing, or just interested in the taste you will find something to suit you by asking a few simple questions. Our team is here to help so please don't be shy, if you have been forced to stop smoking because you can no longer get hold of your favourite menthol cigarettes do drop us a message and one of us will be delighted to help get you set up with you menthol vaping taste that you will enjoy.