April 29, 2022 2 min read

Your Guide to the Smoothest Vape


One of the problems we hear about most often is the lack of smoothness to the vaping experience. When you reach for your vape first thing in the morning, or when you're out on your lunch break or perhaps cooking dinner you want to enjoy your vape and rightly so. It can be really infuriating to find that your vaping isn't as smooth as you would like it to be, so here's a few suggestions to see if you can get back on track.


What's Your Nicotine Content?


We know that some of you have a specific nicotine content perhaps because you are using vaping to quit smoking and still have that element of addiction but watching the nicotine content is quite important when it comes to having a smooth experience. Too much nicotine can make your vape feel quite rough so it can be worth trying to change down a little bit to a lower content, and we would suggest 6mg or less.


Experiment With PG/VG Ratios


Another factor to take into account is the PG/VG ratio of your chosen e-liquid. These two important numbers create a ratio that impacts on the performance of your vape. The PG value is where you get the hit from and this contributes to the taste of the juice. The VG number equates to the level of vapour your e-liquid will produce. So, if you're finding that your vape has a harsh side that you are not enjoying try experimenting with something that has a higher VG ratio than you are currently using as this should smooth the vape experience right out.


Check Your Airflow


With some vapes the amount of air flow you are getting is variable and something you need to be adjusting as the user. If the air flow is closed up, you will create a pressure within the kit, and this will lead to a harsher vaping experience. If you are unsure as to whether your setup has controllable air flow, do drop us a message and we will be pleased to help. If you know how to control the air flow, try opening up the settings are little and seeing if that smooths it over.


Explore the Voltage


many devices also have a variable voltage option. another way to smooth out your vape is to consider turning down the Voltage. The higher you have it set the harsher the vaping experience will be, so it makes sense to turn it down.


If you have tried all of these options and are not getting anywhere, we would be delighted to try and help you further. Sometimes a different setup may work better for you so don't hesitate to give us a shout and we will do our best. Most people start their vaping journey with a simple device that offers a mouth to lung experience similar to smoking and it might be time to experiment with some of the different mods available to find a more advanced solution once you have been vaping for a while.