Three E-Cigarette TV Adverts Banned Already!

April 29, 2022 1 min read

E Cig TV Ads Banned Only Weeks After Being Approved

On Monday the 10th November the first prime time e cigarette was aired on TV. This was a big step forward for electronic cigarettes which up until this point were tarnished with the same brush as their unhealthier predecessors.

However just weeks after this ruling was made which allowed the adverts to show people using the devices three television adverts for electronic cigarettes have been banned.

Two of the adverts showed a woman exhaling vapour which according to the ASA (Advertising Standards Authority) appeared to glamourise the smoking of tobacco products.

The ASA said "Because the ads presented it, as the central focus of the ads, in a sultry and glamorous way, we considered that they indirectly promoted the use of tobacco products"

The third was banned due to its 'encouraging nature' and luring non-smoking to start to use e cigarettes.

After many complaints the decision to pull the ads from the air was made.

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