What Are Your New Year’s Resolutions?

April 29, 2022 2 min read

picture of SMOK ecig kits

This is often the time of year when people start thinking about what changes they want to make to their lives after the fun and frantic activity of Christmas is over.

Yes, we’re talking about setting new year’s resolutions. If there’s something you’ve been putting off for a while, or just a challenge that you need some extra motivation for, 1 January is the perfect time to bite the bullet and get started.

If your new year’s resolution is going to be giving up smoking cigarettes, you should make sure you’re prepared to give you the best chance of succeeding. Vaping is considered to be a helpful and legitimate tool that can help you give up smoking.

For anyone who’s never used a vape before, it can be helpful to start with vape kits as these will give you everything you need to start using an e-cigarette rather than reaching for a box of your preferred brand.

It’s worth starting to look at these kinds of things now, as there is a staggering array of choice when it comes to the vape juices you can get for your e-cigarette. As well as the different flavours, you’ll also be able to choose liquids with different strengths of nicotine.

When you’re first giving up regular cigarettes, you may want vaping liquids that are stronger in terms of their nicotine content. You can then work on gradually reducing the level of nicotine you’re vaping with, until you may be able to switch to nicotine-free vape juices.

If you think you’ll need a little extra support as you try to give up smoking, consider throwing a resolutions new year’s eve party. This was one of the suggestions from Elite Daily in an article about alternative ideas for NYE.

The idea behind this kind of gathering is to all share your resolutions, and then to support each other in the days and weeks that follow to help you stick to what you’re trying to achieve.

Your friends can also help come up with creative ways to support your resolution - and you can do the same for them.

Of course, giving up smoking isn’t the only resolution you can make as we move into 2019. Reader’s Digest recently offered some suggestions if you’re looking for ways to be healthier. One suggestion is to start flossing, if you don’t already, while another is to start drinking green tea.

Among the other ideas are to commit to always punching out of work on time, and to make sure you take the time to enjoy your meals.

The news provider cited the results of a study into the long-lived residents of Sardinia and Ikaria, which found that having leisurely meals and enjoying spending time conversing with friends and family can have long-term health benefits.

“Essentially, they practice mindful eating, a resolution that will have immediate and long-term benefits for you,” the publication stated. That means no more grabbing dinner while standing in the kitchen before you rush off to your next appointment and instead taking the time to sit down and enjoy your food.