Top Christmas Vaping Flavours To Choose From

April 29, 2022 3 min read

There are less than three weeks until Christmas, which means the festive season is definitely underway – and what better to celebrate this time of the year than by enjoying some of your favourite wintry flavours when vaping?

Here is our pick of the best Christmassy e-liquids to get you in the mood for Santa’s arrival.


- Cinnamon Biscuit

There is no smell that is better associated with Christmas than cinnamon, so if you want to feel all festive without indulging in endless sugary coffees and spicy biscuits, why not swap your usual e-liquid for cinnamon biscuit?

This flavour is certainly a favourite during the Yuletide season, and will make you feel all-warm inside.


- Apple & Spice Strudel

If one of your favourite pastimes in December is going to a Christmas market and picking up a delicious pudding, you will love Tea Time Travels apple and spice strudel flavour.

With the scent of cooked apples, cinnamon, pastry and honey, this will be perfect after a warm and hearty meal.


- Caramel Milk 

Christmas is not complete without boxes of chocolates, making Dr Fog’s caramel milk flavour e-liquids ideal for any festive occasion.

You may even be able to resist the urge to tuck into chocolate after chocolate if you have this in your e-cigarette, as the flavour is so delicious itself.


- Cookie Crazy 

Similarly, Vg Vapour’s cookie crazy e-liquid will appeal to those who cannot resist a sweet treat – particularly over winter when all you want to do is cosy up by a warm fire with a packet of delicious biscuits.

This e-liquid not only has a wholesome cookie flavour, but e-cigarette smokers will also be able to taste a delicious lemon tang when vaping.


- Chocolate Mint 

There’s something distinctly Christmassy about mint chocolate, perhaps because it is the perfect, refreshing sweet treat to have after a heavy meal.

That’s why we love chocolate mint as a vape flavour, meaning smokers do not have to eat even more sweets during the festive season as they can simply puff on their e-cigarette instead.

So popular is this flavour that Stewart Cornell gave it thumbs up in a recent review, saying: “When I tried it, I got a very sweet, mint flavour and nice breezy coolness (not menthol!) coming through.”

He said that after the fresh burst “it sort of gets creamy, like you’re vaping mint choc chip ice-cream, which is my favourite ever”.

Mr Cornell was so impressed with the e-liquid, he added: “I would genuinely say I am glad I tried this mint choc chip e-liquid before any others, as it’s perfect!”


- Orange Tart 

If, like many people, you used to receive a clementine in your stocking from Santa, then you’ll understand why the smell and taste of citrus fruits is synonymous with Christmas for lots of us.

That’s why we love Pukka Desserts’ orange tart flavour over the winter, as it reminds us of opening stockings on Christmas Day. Your children might now have a chocolate orange instead, but that zesty scent is still around – and can be found in this delicious e-liquid.

Together with the flavour of pastry, this makes an ideal choice when you want to vape this December 25th.

To find morefestive shortfill e-liquid flavours that will be perfect for presents, stocking fillers or just yourself this Christmas, take a look here.