What You Need To Get Started On Electronic Cigarettes

April 29, 2022 2 min read

Anyone new to electronic cigarettes is probably wondering how to get started, what e-liquid to choose and what accessories to buy. This quick start guide should help!

Things to think about:

Before buying anything you need to think about how much you usually smoke a day, what strength nicotine you are used to and how often you are able to charge your electronic inhaler. This should help you in choosing the type of electronic cigarette and e liquids that will suit you personally.

What to buy?

You should buy an electronic cigarette kit which includes a charger, an atomizer, a cartridge and e liquid. There are various types of e liquid you can choose from.

Which flavour should I choose?

There are literally hundreds of e liquid flavours which you could choose from, from cigar flavour, to chocolate, to coffee, to pineapple! Don’t be afraid to be adventurous as you will probably find you really enjoy the taste of the flavour contained within the e liquid. You can choose 5ml sample bottles that will allow you to have a taster of a particular flavour before you buy a bigger bottle. Remember, a small amount of e liquid goes a long way so even the sample bottle will keep you going for a few days! There are also different strengths to choose from.

Which strength do I choose?

Strengths come in milligram measurements, and as a standard, regular strength cigarette smokers will probably enjoy 24mg e liquid strengths. A light cigarette strength would equate to around 18mg.

What other accessories can I buy?

There are lots of accessories which you can buy that will help you to personalise your electronic inhaler. This includes things like e cig cases, which come in different colours, car chargers, which allows you to keep your e cig charged on the go, and even USB slots which allow you to charge your inhaler whilst connected to a computer. This means you’ll never be without your e cig, wherever you are!