Which Weekday Has Quit Smoking Powers?

April 29, 2022 2 min read

Monday, Monday...Monday. How I hate that 6 letter word. See if you had said Friday then things would be different, very different indeed. You see Friday is a happy day, its the start of the weekend which is full of possibilities from hanging around with friends, having parties and generally relaxing. But Monday likes to spoil the party, it loves to come barging in and takes no prisoners. I swear every Monday morning when I finally win the battle with my eye lids in order to keep them open, drag myself out of bed and look outside it is usually bleak, dark and generally miserable. Even the usual chirpy birds that can be heard singing from the bottom of their tiny lungs on a Monday sound like they can’t be bothered.

But does it really have to be so bad? Well it appears not; new research suggests that Mondays do have a positive quality, with many people seeing it as a clean slate and the start of a new chapter.

Is There A Best Day To Quit Smoking?

There’s no point even beating about the bush here, as you have probably have guessed this day appears to be Monday. Researchers have found that more people use the search engine giant Google and search for the term “quit smoking help” more on Monday than any other day of the week.

What is interesting about the data collected was that from the first day of the week the number of searches for this particular keyword tails off with each continuing day. Saturday is the lowest point when the amount of searches is approximately 145% lower than on Mondays. According to the journal of the American Medical Association there are around 25% more quit smoking related searches on Monday than on any other day.

What Does This Mean?

From looking at these statistics it shows us that Mondays seem to hold some mysterious power that gives us increased will power and determination. As stated at the start of this article Mondays are a fresh start, a time to start over and revaluate the week before. People who are looking to quit smoking can use the philological edge that Monday brings with it in order to finally find the motivation to put down the white stick and never smoke again. So next time you have that relapse, don’t get too upset...Monday is only around the corner.