What Is An Electronic Cigarette?

April 29, 2022 1 min read

An electronic cigarette is a battery charged inhaler consisting of a battery, an atomiser, and a cartridge. By adding e liquid to your electronic cigarette, you can gain the nicotine hit which you crave but without inhaling all of the other nasty toxins which normal cigarettes contain. This includes tar and carbon monoxide amongst many other hundreds of damaging chemicals.

An electronic cigarette looks and feels the same as a normal cigarette which means that as smokers, they can mimic the physical behaviour of holding and inhaling something. This can often help when tough cravings kick in!

The development and popularity of electronic cigarettes mean that there are now many accessories and different e liquid flavours to purchase. Flavours such as coconut, chocolate, peach, coffee, menthol are all best sellers for electronic cigarette retailers. There are also different strengths of e liquids available which is beneficial for people who are heavier or lighter smokers than the average smoker.

You only need a couple of drops of e liquid inside your atomiser to be able to use the electronic inhaler. This means that electronic cigarettes can actually last a lot longer than a normal pack of cigarettes would. As a result, choosing to use electronic cigarettes can also be financially beneficial.

The electronic cigarette needs to be charged much like a mobile phone. You can now buy car chargers which enable you to stand charge your inhaler on the go, so you are never without it.