Will E Cigs Take Over Tobacco?

April 29, 2022 2 min read

We get a lot of feedback from our customers explaining how they quit smoking by using one of the simply e liquid’s products. Thanks to our valued customers who enlighten us with their experiences, a lot of information has come to light on how to successfully withdraw smoking and we thought we should share the three stage process we developed on the basis of this information.

Replacing the Hit
As an ex-smoking addict, I know the thing that smokers miss a lot once they quit smoking is the throat and chest hit they get in their lungs when they take a drag of their cigarettes. Once you get over this feeling, you’re on your way to vaping and in my experience, it’s all in your brain. The good thing about vaping is that you still get a pinch of that hit because of its nicotine content which helps you get over it easily. The best way to switch into vaping is to start with a Disposable Vape, one of our finest products to replace that chest hit smokers crave and getting over it easily. It is also important to switch onto Disposable Vape because sudden cut down of nicotine can send your body into a stage of shock.

Changing the Habit
Smoking is not just about the nicotine addiction, it’s a habit that takes you to a tobacco shop to buy cigarettes, lighting them cigs up and smoking them on occasion from “ahh-lets-smoke” like driving, drinking and after a meal to “must-smoke” occasions like shift hours got longer, final result’s on the way, and got-a-new-pack etc. To cope up with these casual to must-smoke cravings you need to have a powerful vaporizer which helps you with replacing daily disposables by a lot more vapor, flavor, and options to get over this bad habit. It gives you a much-needed nicotine/smoking alternative that is socially accepted and can be used where ever cigarettes are okay to smoke.

Developing the Taste
The final step and the most exciting one when it comes to vaping is changing your taste. Once you quit smoking, it takes a couple of weeks for getting back the taste buds and sense of smell you otherwise wouldn’t notice aren’t the same since you started. A lot of our customers who have turned to vaping claim that they hate the taste of tobacco now. There are a lot of options when it comes to vaping, a large variety of flavors with different taste and smells to suit your preference. You can lower your nicotine intake step by step without feeling a thing by using our seven different strengths of available of vape juice. Although there is no research yet to prove that vaping can be an effective smoking alternative but thousands of our customers have quit their nicotine dependency by using this three-step process.

Did you stop using tobacco and switch to e cigarettes?