What’s an MTL Tank?

A mouth-to-lung vape tank is a tank with a narrow mouthpiece and a small airflow vent. Together, those characteristics help the tank replicate the tight draw of a tobacco cigarette. MTL vape tanks are incredibly popular among UK vapers because no other vape tank will give you an experience that feels more like smoking a cigarette.

Why Should You Use an MTL Tank?

With an MTL vape tank, you’ll enjoy a number of benefits that no other type of tank can match. These are the primary reasons why many people choose MTL tanks in the UK.

  • An MTL tank is optimised to give you the best possible experience with vape juice that has a high nicotine strength. The best MTL tanks are designed to work well with nic salts, and they’ll give you the strong nicotine rush that you need when you’re trying to quit smoking.
  • An MTL tank will always give you the strongest possible throat hit. Using a vape pen or other vaping device with an MTL tank is the key to replicating the experience of smoking as closely as possible.
  • Because MTL tanks produce relatively small vapour clouds, they use significantly less e-liquid and typically have much longer-lasting coils compared to larger sub-ohm tanks. People who use vape mods with large tanks often need to replace their coils almost every day. It’s significantly less expensive to use an MTL tank with an above-ohm coil.
  • Many people believe that the best MTL vape tanks offer the highest-quality flavour that you can get from any piece of vaping equipment. When you use a vape tank with a narrow mouthpiece, it focuses the vapour on your tongue in a way that a direct-to-lung tank can’t match.

How to Use an MTL Tank

If you’re about to start vaping for the first time and have just purchased your first vape kit, you may find it helpful to have a walkthrough explaining how to use the MTL tank included with the kit. With these instructions, you’ll be up and running with your starter kit in minutes.

  • Remove the tank from the vape pen or mod and unscrew the tank’s bottom metal hardware. You’ll see the atomizer coil screwed into the base of the tank. Put a drop of e-liquid on each of the white openings on the side of the coil to prime the coil’s wick. You’ll want to do this each time you install a new coil.
  • Fill the tank, either by adding e-liquid to the reservoir before replacing the tank’s bottom hardware (for a bottom-filling tank) or by opening the tank’s top hardware to expose the filling hole (for a top-filling tank).
  • Close the tank and wait a few minutes before vaping to ensure that the tank’s atomizer coil is completely saturated with vape juice.
  • Vape by puffing on the tank’s mouthpiece while holding your vaping device’s fire button. Although an MTL tank has tight airflow to recreate the draw of a cigarette, you should try to avoid puffing too firmly. Use gentle air pressure when using an MTL tank, or you could end up getting e-juice in your mouth.
  • Refill the tank promptly when you see that the level of e-liquid is low.
  • Replace the coil when you’re no longer happy with the tank’s flavour.

Which Is Better: MTL or DTL?

If you have yet to buy your first vape kit, there’s a good chance that you’ve spent a bit of time reading about vaping. In the process, you learned that there are two different ways to inhale when you vape. You can use the mouth-to-lung style – which is the same inhaling technique you use when smoking – or you can inhale the vapour directly into your lungs. You’ll have the best experience if you use a vape tank optimised for your preferred inhaling style. Here’s how the two styles differ.

  • The MTL inhaling style works best with a higher-nicotine e-liquid. It’ll give you a strong throat hit, and it’s the inhaling style that you should use if you want vaping to feel like smoking a cigarette. If you’re new to vaping and are trying to quit smoking, we recommend starting with a vaping device designed for MTL inhaling.
  • The DTL inhaling style works best with a lower-nicotine e-liquid. It’ll give you very large vapour clouds and bold flavours, but you’ll feel almost no throat hit when vaping. Some people switch to the DTL style once they’ve been vaping for a while because they no longer crave cigarettes and therefore no longer require the sensation of throat hit in order to feel satisfied.

How to Choose the Right MTL Vape Tank

When you buy an MTL vape tank, there are two qualities that the tank should have if you want to have the best possible experience. The first quality is that the tank should have a high-quality replaceable atomizer coil, and the second quality is that it should have adjustable airflow. People who prefer the mouth-to-lung inhaling style are often very particular about what they want vaping to feel like. You may prefer the very tight draw of a cigarette, or you may like a slightly freer draw for bigger vapour clouds. Only with an adjustable tank can you dial in exactly the experience you want.

If you’re still not sure where to begin, you can never go wrong if you choose a tried-and-true MTL tank like the Aspire Nautilus Nano. You can also choose a vape kit including the Innokin Zenith tank. Both tanks are beloved by vapers worldwide. The Aspire Nautilus 2 is another popular option. Aspire Nautilus coils are renowned for their pure, refined flavour. If you’re a more experienced vaper, you could opt for an MTL RTA instead and build your own coils to your exact specifications.

How to Choose the Right E-Liquid for Your MTL Tank

Because a mouth-to-lung vape tank will give you the best possible experience with a higher-nicotine e-liquid, we generally suggest using nicotine salt e-juice with an MTL tank. Nic salt e-liquid is usually available in a lower strength of 9-10 mg/ml and a higher strength of 18-20 mg/ml.

  • If you’re still a smoker and are trying vaping for the first time, we recommend buying the higher nicotine strength. You can step down to the lower strength if you feel like you’re getting more nicotine than you need.
  • If you’re already a full-time vaper and are interested in switching to the MTL inhaling style, we recommend buying the lower nicotine strength because full-time vapers generally have lower nicotine requirements than smokers.

Why We Offer the Best MTL Tanks in the UK

Here at Simply ELiquid, we believe that the two most important aspects of shopping for vape gear are variety and authenticity. The people who want to buy MTL vape tanks in the UK typically have a wide range of preferences. They range from people who are completely new to vaping to experienced vapers who are very picky about what they want out of their vaping equipment. We’ve sourced the widest possible variety of products in an effort to ensure that both types of vapers will find exactly what they want.

Authenticity is another key aspect of shopping for a mouth-to-lung vape tank because MTL tanks are some of the most cloned and copied products in the industry. We are proud to present a completely clone-free shopping experience. We source our products only from the original manufacturers and official distributors, and we guarantee that you’ll only find authentic MTL tanks here.