Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer FAQs

What Is a Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer?

A rebuildable dripping atomizer is an attachment for your vape mod that will replace the tank you’re currently using. An RDA differs from a traditional vape tank in the way the coil is designed and in the way in which you use the atomizer. With a traditional tank, you use a pre-built atomizer coil that connects to the base of the tank. With an RDA, on the other hand, you build your own coils from scratch using wire and cotton. Although building coils from scratch does require a few minutes of effort, coil building tools are available that can make the job considerably easier. The benefit of the extra effort is that you enjoy some of the best flavour and vapour production a vaping device can offer.

Why Should You Buy a Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer?

The primary reason why people buy rebuildable atomizers is because they provide a level of performance that traditional vape tanks can’t match. Do you enjoy cloud chasing? With an RDA, you can create a single or dual coil build that will massively outclass the performance of any tank. Unlike with a traditional vape tank, your coil isn’t submerged in a container of e-liquid when you use an RDA. That results in extremely free airflow characteristics, allowing you to inhale deeply and easily when vaping. An RDA provides a vaping experience that gives you huge vapour clouds and incredibly rich flavours.

Another major feature of using a rebuildable dripping atomizer is that RDAs are extremely inexpensive to maintain. When you buy pre-built coils for your vape pen or other device, you’ll spend at least a couple of pounds per coil – and if you’re a frequent vaper who uses very sweet e-liquid, it’s likely that you’ll need a new coil every few days. The amount of money that you spend on replacement coils can add up quickly. When you use an RDA, on the other hand, you can buy wire or pre-wrapped coils and wick material in bulk. The raw materials for coil building are extremely inexpensive and can reduce your coil replacement costs to just a few pence per day.

How Does a Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer Work?

RDA tanks differ from traditional vape tanks in that an RDA doesn’t provide a glass enclosure for storing your e-liquid. You’ll keep an RDA filled with e-liquid by “dripping” vape juice down the atomizer’s mouthpiece after every few puffs to keep the wick wet. When you’re out of the house, you’ll need to bring a bottle of e-liquid to ensure that you can continue to use your RDA without the wick drying out.

What Are the Different Types of Rebuildable Dripping Atomizers?

There are three common types of rebuildable dripping atomizers, and we’ll describe them all here to help you choose the one appropriate for your needs.

  • Dual-coil RDA: A dual-coil RDA has a large build deck that allows you to attach two identical coils. With two coils working in tandem, a dual-coil RDA can provide rich flavours and very impressive clouds. This is the most common type of RDA.
  • Single-coil RDA: A single-coil RDA has a smaller build deck and tighter airflow characteristics compared to a dual-coil RDA. It’s designed for people who prefer the mouth-to-lung inhaling style but still want to build their own coils.
  • Mesh RDA: When you use a mesh RDA, you’ll build your coils from strips of mesh rather than resistance wire. Mesh coils have excellent flavour characteristics, but an RDA with a single mesh coil may not produce as much vapour as a dual-coil RDA.

How Do Rebuildable RDAs vs. RTAs Compare?

Along with the RDA, the other common type of rebuildable atomizer is the rebuildable tank atomizer (RTA). Here’s how to choose between an RDA or RTA. With an RTA, you’ll still build your own coils from scratch as you would with an RDA. In an RTA, however, the coil is positioned inside a glass enclosure as it is with a traditional vape tank. The RTA design eliminates the need to refresh the coil’s wick constantly by dripping e-liquid from a bottle. With an RTA, you’ll also enjoy the cost savings that come with building your own coils rather than using expensive pre-built coils. However, an RTA has a much smaller build deck than an RDA and doesn’t offer the same level of vapour production.

How Often Should You Replace the Coil for a Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer?

One of the great things about using an RDA is the fact that you can easily remove the atomizer’s top cap to check on the status of your coil whenever you want. After you’ve used a coil for several days, you may notice that the flavour has begun to change. At that point, you should remove your RDA’s top cap and take a closer look. Has the coil’s formerly white metal begun to darken? If you use an e-liquid that’s heavily sweetened, you may find that the metal part of the coil appears to be covered with a thick layer of dark residue. You may even find that the cotton wick has become discoloured. Those are the definitive signs that it’s time to build a new coil.

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