Vape Batteries FAQs

What Are the Benefits of Vape Kits with Removable Batteries?

If you’re currently using a vaping device with a built-in battery, you might be curious as to whether it would be worthwhile to step up to a removable-battery vape mod. It’s a significant investment, since you’ll need to buy at least one e-cigarette battery for your device if you don’t already have one.

The biggest benefit of using a mod with a removable battery is that you have more than one option for keeping your batteries charged. You can charge your vaping device via the built-in USB port if you like, or you can buy an external battery charger and charge one battery while vaping with another one. The ability to use an external charger means that you never have to stop vaping while waiting for a battery to charge.

Using a device with a removable battery also has a second great benefit in that all lithium-ion batteries eventually lose their ability to hold a charge. If that happens to a vaping device with a permanent battery, you’ll need to replace the entire device. If the device has a removable battery, on the other hand, you can replace the battery and continue using the device.

How Do I Choose a Vape Battery?

The most important aspect of choosing a vape battery is that you must choose a battery specifically designed for use in vaping products. Sub-ohm vaping involves the use of tanks with low-resistance coils that require high-amperage currents in order to operate efficiently. Flashlights, for instance, commonly use 18650 batteries. You wouldn’t want to use a torch battery in a vape mod, though, because flashlights often operate at significantly lower amperages than vaping devices. A good 18650 vape battery will typically support a continuous discharge of 25-35 amps.

How Do I Know if My Vape Battery Is Bad?

It’s time to replace a vape battery if you encounter any of these situations.

  • The battery delivers significantly less vaping time than it did when it was new. If a fully charged battery only provides enough power for a few minutes of vaping, the battery’s capacity is permanently diminished.
  • Recharging the battery is no longer possible because nothing happens when you connect the battery to the charger or because the charge cycle never finishes. In this case, the battery’s capacity has diminished to such an extent that the battery can no longer reach its full voltage.
  • The battery has signs of physical damage such as bulging, denting or warping. If a battery is deformed in any way, you need to replace it immediately.

To ensure that a vape battery will deliver excellent performance as long as possible, store in a dedicated battery carrier to protect it from damage when you aren’t using it and keep it away from extreme hot or cold temperatures.

How Long Do Vape Batteries Last?

A lithium-ion battery will always provide a limited number of charge-discharge cycles before its capacity reduces to the point at which it’s no longer practical to continue using it. In general, you can expect a vape battery to last through around 500 charge-discharge cycles before you notice a significant reduction in capacity. Therefore, if you charge a battery once a day, you’ll probably need to replace it before it is two years old. If you charge a battery twice a day, it will probably last less than a year. When you use a vape mod with a removable battery, it’s wise to buy a few batteries and rotate between them to distribute wear and prolong the batteries’ life.

How to Dispose of a Vape Battery

When a vape battery has reached the end of its life, you should not throw it away with your standard household rubbish for two reasons. Vape batteries are hazardous waste, both in the short term and in the long term. Even when a lithium-ion battery’s capacity is partially depleted, it still presents a potential fire risk if it is crushed or incinerated – and both of those things are commonly done in the processing of household waste. In addition, the lithium in the battery is a pollutant that can eventually contaminate groundwater if the battery is buried in a landfill. The only way to dispose of a vape battery safely is by recycling it. You probably have a local recycling centre that accepts lithium-ion batteries, and many major electronics retailers also have collection boxes for used batteries.

What’s the Best Vape Battery for Cartridges?

If you’re a vaper who prefers to use cartridges, clearomizers or cartomizers, you don’t necessarily need to own a full-fledged vape mod; you just need a vape battery that will work with cartridges and has plenty of capacity for all-day vaping. If you’re looking for the best vape battery for cartridges, you’ll love our 3,200 mAh eGo battery. With its enormous capacity, you may find that you can use this eGo battery for several days without recharging it. It works with both 510- and eGo-threaded cartridges, which means that it’ll be compatible with just about every cartridge, cartomizer or clearomizer on the market.

Why Buy Vape Batteries from Simply ELiquid?

The best reason to purchase from this website if you’re shopping for a vape battery is because we’ve already done the work for you in ensuring that every battery we carry is tested and confirmed to support the high amperage demands of sub-ohm vaping. If you’re going to use a modern vape tank, you need to use a battery that can handle the load – and a common flashlight battery simply isn’t going to cut it.

The second reason why Simply ELiquid is the best source for vape batteries is because we guarantee that you’ll never receive a knockoff or fake vape battery from this site. We source our vape batteries only from the original manufacturers and distributors authorised to carry those manufacturers’ products. Fake and re-wrapped batteries are a serious safety issue for vaping – and buying from a seller you can trust is of vital importance.