Vape Coils FAQs

What Is a Vape Coil?

The vape coil is the component of your vape kit that generates vapour. If you use a pod system, the coil is either a permanent part of the pod or is inserted and removed through a hole in the bottom of the pod. If you use a traditional vape tank, the coil connects to the tank’s metal base. Either way, though, the functionality is the same. A vape coil is a metal assembly including a heating element that generates vapour and a wick that draws e-liquid to the heating element from the reservoir of the tank or pod.

When Should You Replace Your Vape Coils?

A vape coil always has a finite life. You’ll always need a steady supply of coils for your vape because, after you’ve used a coil for a while, the flavour quality will begin to change. The degradation in the coil’s flavour will occur because the coil’s cotton wick will begin to burn or because the e-liquid that you use will begin to form a layer of residue on the coil’s heating element.

In both of the above situations, you’ll notice a change in flavour that begins to affect the coil’s flavour quality in a negative way. If the coil’s wick burns, the flavour will quickly begin to take on a harsh, unpleasant edge. You may also notice throat discomfort. If a coil burns out because of e-liquid residue, you’ll notice a flavour resembling overcooked sugar. The burnt sweetness will become more and more intense until it eventually overwhelms the flavour of your e-liquid. When you’re no longer happy with the flavour quality of a vape coil, it’s time to replace it.

How Many Vape Coils Should You Buy?

The longevity of a vape coil depends on the type of e-liquid that you use and on your own tendencies as a vaper. The less e-liquid you use, the longer your coils will last. If you use a small electronic cigarette designed for mouth-to-lung vaping, you’ll enjoy longer coil life because it’ll take longer for your e-liquid to form a layer of residue on your coil’s heating element. Sub-ohm coils that generate enormous vapour clouds, on the other hand, tend to burn out more quickly.

Your e-liquid also affects coil life. Sucralose is the main e-liquid ingredient that contributes to the formation of residue on the coil – and if your e-liquid leaves a sweet coating around your mouth when you vape, there’s a good chance that it’s sweetened with sucralose. Using sweetened vape juice will make it necessary for you to replace coils more often.

So, how many vape coils should you buy? If you use unsweetened e-liquid and aren’t a heavy vaper, it’s possible for your coils to last weeks before it’s time to replace them. In most cases, though, you should expect vape coils to last a few days each.

What Are Ohms and Which Resistance Should You Choose?

When you shop for vape tanks and vape coils, you’re going to see coil resistances in every product description and should pay close attention to those figures. The resistance of a vape coil is its electrical resistance, which is measured in ohms. The lower a coil’s resistance is, the higher its intended wattage range will be. Any vape coil with a resistance under 1.0 ohm is a sub-ohm coil.

The larger and more powerful your vaping device is, the lower your coil resistance should generally be. Users of advanced vape kits will generally want to buy sub-ohm coils, although it’s also possible to use higher-resistance coils with advanced kits if you prefer. If you use a smaller vaping device such as a single-button vape pen, on the other hand, your device may not support sub-ohm vape coils. In that case, you’ll need to use above-ohm coils.

You can always find the specifications of your vaping device in the instruction manual or online. The specification you’re looking for will be something along the lines of “minimum supported coil resistance.” The resistance of your vape coil should be higher than that number. Some smaller vape starter kits will not work with sub-ohm coils.

What Are MTL and DTL Coils?

Your preferred vaping style will go a long way toward determining the ideal vaping equipment for your needs. When you see the terms “MTL” and “DTL,” those acronyms refer to the mouth-to-lung and direct-to-lung styles of vaping.

  • The mouth-to-lung vaping style is the same inhaling style that you use when smoking a cigarette. You draw the vapour into your mouth before inhaling it into your lungs.
  • The direct-to-lung vaping style is the inhaling style that some experienced vapers prefer. When you use a DTL vape coil, you inhale the vapour directly into your lungs.

Normally, you’ll buy a vape tank designed for your preferred inhaling style, and all of the coils available for that tank will also be designed for that inhaling style. With pod vaping systems, though, it’s not possible to change your inhaling style by switching to a third-party tank. For that reason, some manufacturers of pod systems offer coil options for both MTL and DTL inhaling. In this case, the MTL coil will have a higher resistance and tighter airflow. The DTL coil, on the other hand, will have a lower resistance and freer airflow characteristics. The DTL coil may also have better performance with high-VG e-liquid.

What Vape Coil Is Right for My Tank or Vape Kit?

The first thing you need to know about buying vape coils in the UK is that we’ve made the process as easy for you as possible by listing the tanks or vape kits for which the various coils are designed within our descriptions of those coils. When you buy vape coils, you simply need to look for the manufacturer and model of your vape tank or vaping device. You can buy any of the coils that are available for the product you’re using.

If there are many different coils available for your tank or vaping device, it can be fun to experiment with the various coils and decide what your favourite is. If you’re not sure which coil to choose first, though, we have a few words of advice that may help.

  • There are two different types of coils that are commonly available today. A traditional vape coil uses coiled wire as its heating surface. Recently, though, mesh coils have been extremely popular within the vaping community. A mesh coil replaces the wire with a strip of mesh that has greater surface area and lower mass. Compared to traditional vape coils, mesh coils usually heat up more quickly and produce much larger vapour clouds. If a mesh coil is available for your vape tank or vaping device, you should try it.
  • If you have a vape mod with a temperature control function, try a vape coil made with stainless-steel wire. Stainless steel will work with your mod’s temperature control features. Kanthal coils, on the other hand, work only for wattage-based vaping.

Still not sure what coil to buy for your vape kit? Our customer service team is ready to help. Get in touch now.

How Can I Make My Vape Coils Last Longer?

Vape coils are manufactured with extreme precision to meet exacting requirements for safety and performance, and they aren’t cheap. Naturally, you want your coils to last as long as possible, and these three tips can help.

  • After you install a new coil and fill your tank, wait several minutes before vaping to ensure that the coil’s wick is completely wet.
  • Always set your vaping device to a wattage within your vape coil’s suggested power range. The suggested power range is usually stated on the package and etched into the side of the coil.
  • Use unsweetened e-liquid for the best possible coil life. Sweetened e-liquid contains sucralose, which creates a residue that will cause your coils to burn out more quickly.

Why Buy Vape Coils from Simply E Liquid?

Most manufacturers of vape coils put codes on their boxes that allow you to confirm the authenticity of the coils. We encourage you to check the authenticity code on every box of coils that you buy from Simply ELiquid, because we guarantee that every single product is real and sourced directly from the original manufacturer or an authorised distributor. Counterfeit products are a major problem in the vaping industry. They’re bad for your vaping experience and may even be unsafe to use. We guarantee the authenticity of every product we sell.

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