Ohm Baked E Liquid

There’s just something spectacular about finding a vape juice that delivers a note-perfect recreation of one of your favourite candies, snacks or desserts. The fact that you can enjoy such sweet flavours without concerning yourself over the calories or sugar contained within is one of the features of vaping that many people enjoy most. If you happen to find an e-liquid capturing the flavour of a home-baked dessert that you’d have to slave over for hours if you wanted to make it yourself, well, that’s even better – and that’s exactly the type of experience that you’ll have when you enjoy a vape juice from Ohm Baked. This is an e-liquid brand that’s laser-focused on delivering the most perfect dessert flavours that you have ever experienced in vapour form, and we can almost guarantee you’ll find an Ohm Baked e-liquid that suits your palate perfectly.

If every Ohm Baked flavour looks so delicious to you that you’re having trouble deciding which one to enjoy first, we’d have to suggest the stellar Apple and Rhubarb Crumble. Apple is, of course, the signature component of the very best home-baked desserts. When the harvest season reaches its peak, there are so many apples available that eating them all before they go bad would be impossible. The only logical solution, then, is to use them for cooking. Apples are great on their own, of course, but they become something truly magical when they’re cooked with cinnamon, brown sugar and butter. We’ve just described the ingredients of a classic apple crumble, which would be delicious enough in vapour form – but with this vape juice, Ohm Baked went a step further and added a note of tart, complex rhubarb. Apple and Rhubarb Crumble has a flavour that you won’t find anywhere else, and you’re going to reach for it every time you want to enjoy a vape juice with a great dessert flavour profile.

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