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At Simply ELiquid, we are proud to be your home for vape tanks in the UK. We think you could make a valid argument for the idea that no piece of vape hardware is more vital to the quality of your vaping experience than the vape tank. The vape mod, after all, is only the component that manages the flow of power. It’s the tank that determines the amount of vapour that your device produces as well as the quality of the flavour. On this page, we’ve assembled a wide selection of vape tanks for different vaping styles, and we stock products from all of the most popular vape tank brands. Whether you’re looking for SMOK vape tanks, Aspire vape tanks or something else, you’re certain to find the perfect tank for your needs right here. Scroll down for a guide to vape tanks that’ll make your buying decision easier.

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    Innokin GoMax Disposable Tank
    As low as £3.99
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    VooPoo TPP-X Pod Tank
    As low as £14.99
  3. Rating:
    Geekvape Z MTL Tank
    As low as £21.99
  4. Rating:
    Aspire Nautilus Nano MTL Tank
    As low as £17.99
  5. Rating:
    GeekVape Z Nano 2 Tank
    As low as £18.99
  6. Rating:
    Smok TFV18 Mini Tank
    As low as £19.99
  7. Rating:
    HorizonTech Sakerz Tank
    As low as £24.99
  8. Rating:
    Aspire Nautilus 3 Vape Tank
    As low as £24.95
  9. Rating:
    Innokin T18e Pro Tank
    As low as £11.99
  10. Rating:
    Smok TFV18 Tank
    As low as £24.99
  11. Rating:
    Smok TFV9 Tank
    As low as £20.99
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Vape Tank FAQs


What Is a Vape Tank?

The vape tank is the component of your vaping device that both stores and vaporizes your e-liquid. The outer glass portion of the tank functions as the e-liquid reservoir. That’s the part you need to refill periodically when the level of vape juice in the tank is low. The metal component in the centre of the tank is the atomizer coil. The coil is the component that heats the e-liquid, and unless you happen to own a fully disposable tank, the coil requires periodic replacement. The vape tank is the component that has the greatest impact on the vapour production and flavour quality of your vaping setup, so buying the best vape tank for your needs is of vital importance to the overall quality of your experience.

How Does a Vape Tank Work?

A vape tank is a surprisingly complex piece of hardware because it has several holes but doesn’t leak. When you vape, air enters the tank through its intake vents and travels through the atomizer coil. As the air travels through the atomizer coil, it forces the vapour out of the tank’s mouthpiece or “drip tip.”

The atomizer coil in a vape tank generates vapour by heating the e-liquid until it boils – and to work reliably, an atomizer coil must remain wet at all times. The atomizer coil’s heating surface has a wick wrapped around it. When you vape, the heating surface vaporizes the vape juice suspended in the wick. When you finish puffing, the wick is dry, and that causes the wick to absorb more e-liquid from the tank’s reservoir. The level of vape juice in the tank decreases slightly, and when the level is very low, it’s time to refill the tank.

Although today’s vape tanks feature amazing vapour production capabilities and are more complex and advanced than ever, they are also extremely dependable. Owners of basic e-cig tanks and advanced sub-ohm vape tanks can always expect reliable performance and spectacular flavour.

What Is the Difference Between MTL Tanks and Sub-Ohm Tanks?

Mouth-to-lung tanks – or MTL tanks – tend to be smaller vape tanks with little drip tips that resemble cigarette filters. An MTL tank is designed for use with the same mouth-to-lung inhaling style that you’d use when smoking a cigarette, so it’s usually the best choice if you’re new to vaping and want to use a tank that’ll give you the same type of assertive throat hit you’d get from smoking a cigarette. An MTL tank generally gives you the best experience if you use an e-liquid with a higher nicotine strength. This is the type of tank that you’ll receive with most beginner-oriented vape kits, pod kits and other types of starter kits.

Sub-ohm tanks are also called direct-to-lung or DTL tanks. These are the high-powered tanks that come with the expert-level vape mods. When you see people using vape mods and exhaling enormous clouds into the air, those people are using sub-ohm tanks. A sub-ohm tank will have very large airflow vents at the bottom along with a mouthpiece that’s much wider than the filter of a cigarette. To facilitate its enormous vapour production, a sub-ohm tank is designed for use by direct inhalation into the lungs. Sub-ohm vape tanks are intended for use with low-nicotine e-liquids. They’ll give you big vapour clouds and bold flavours, but they won’t give you the throat hit of a cigarette.

What Is the Best Vape Tank for Me?

Although the selection of vape tanks that you can buy today is truly enormous, selecting the best vape tank for your needs doesn’t have to be as difficult as it initially appears. We suggest following this simple three-step process when choosing a vape tank.

  • Choose a vape tank that fits your preferred vaping style. By making the choice between MTL and DTL tanks, you instantly make your decision simpler by eliminating about half of the vape tanks on the market. Remember that you can always determine a tank’s intended inhaling style by looking at the mouthpiece. A mouth-to-lung tank has a narrow drip tip.
  • Choose a vape tank with adjustable airflow. This is really more of a requirement than an option because vapers are often very particular about their airflow preferences. It’s rare to find a vape tank that delivers your ideal airflow characteristics without a little tweaking.
  • Choose a vape tank with coil technology that suits your vaping style. A vape tank is essentially just a glass chamber with airflow vents. Coil technology is what separates one tank from another, and vape coils come in an enormous variety of styles and resistances. Scroll down to read about vape coil technology in a bit more detail.

Should I Buy a Vape Tank with a Mesh Coil?

If you’re a newer vaper and aren’t certain what your favourite types of vape coils are, we strongly recommend buying a vape tank that uses mesh coils. In a mesh atomizer coil, the coil’s heating surface is constructed from a strip of mesh rolled into a cylindrical shape. Mesh coils produce enormous vapour clouds – even at lower wattages – and they have excellent flavour characteristics. Mesh coils are so popular with the vaping community that almost every vape tank on the market either uses mesh coils by default or at least has mesh coils available as an option. It’s likely that you’ll love using a vape tank with a mesh coil.

What Is the Significance of the Wick in a Vape Tank?

The wick in a vape tank is a crucial part of the vaping experience because its job is to deliver e-liquid efficiently from the tank’s reservoir to its heating surface. The wick needs to work efficiently because, if it isn’t completely saturated with e-liquid when you vape, you’ll experience weak flavours or unpleasant “dry hits.” Organic cotton is the most popular material for vape wicks, but some vape tank manufacturers have begun to experiment with different wick materials in an effort to create coils that are longer lasting and more resistant to heat. In the latest vape tanks, manufacturers have begun to use wicks that blend the traditional organic cotton with more heat-resistant materials such as flax fibre or wood pulp. Nothing ruins the flavour of a vape coil more quickly than a burned wick, so the wick material is something that’s worth considering when you shop for a new vape tank.

Is It Worthwhile to Buy a Vape Device That Includes a Tank?

If you’re a less experienced vaper, buying a vape tank can be an overwhelming experience regardless of how much advice you read online. Most vape tanks don’t look particularly different from one another on the surface, and it can be difficult to understand whether a given tank will be compatible with your vaping device if you don’t have a solid knowledge of electrical terms like amperage and resistance. If you simply don’t feel comfortable choosing a new vape tank for your current vaping device, buying a new vape kit is the perfect alternative. When you buy a vape kit that includes a tank, there’s no need to worry about whether the tank and the mod will work with one another. Also, buying a vape mod and a tank together always costs less than buying the two items separately.

You might assume that when a company includes a tank with one of its vape mods, the tank is just there as a free toss-in – that it’s just there to make the package complete and probably won’t be a very good tank. That, however, isn’t actually the way most vape kits are. The manufacturers of vaping products do earn money from selling vaping devices, but it’s much more important for them to sell as many replacement coils as possible – the manufacturers need the recurring revenue that comes from selling coils. Therefore, it’s in their best interest to include great vape tanks with their starter kits. If you love the tank that’s included with your vape mod, you’ll have no reason to buy a different tank.

How Do You Maintain a Vape Tank?

Keeping a vape tank working its best and delivering great flavour is very simple, and the routine will quickly become second nature for you. To maintain your vape tank, you only need to do these three things.

  • Keep the tank filled. Don’t put off refilling until the tank is completely dry; add more e-liquid as soon as you notice that the level is low.
  • Rinse the tank periodically to remove dust, lint and e-liquid residue. It’s a good idea to rinse and dry your vape tank every time you replace the atomizer coil.
  • Replace the atomizer coil when you’re no longer happy with the flavour. A vape coil can last anywhere from a few days to multiple weeks depending on the type of vape juice that you use. Heavily sweetened e-liquid shortens a coil’s life. If you remove the coil from your tank and notice that the heating surface is completely black, you’re probably using sweetened e-liquid. With unsweetened e-liquid, your coils will last significantly longer.