A complete dictionary of various Vaping terminologies (A-E)

April 29, 2022 4 min read

There are always new things and terms that are introduced to the vaping world on a constant basis. Every vaper, either a beginner or a pro wants to stay updated with these various terminologies and that is why we have compiled all of the different famous vaping slang on this list for your convenience. So below are all of the vaping terms and slang with their meanings compiled in an alphabetical order.


ADV:ADV or an All Day Vape refers to an e-juice that is considered best for vaping throughout the day.
APV:APV or an Advanced Personal Vaporiser is the term used for a comparatively more advanced electronic cigarette.
Amps:Amp or an ampere is a unit of electricity which refers to the amount of current passing through a coil. In vaping, amps are usually used to describe the amount of electricity that an e-cig battery can provide per hour.
Analog Cigarette:This term refers to the usual combustible tobacco cigarettes.
ASH:ASH stands for Action on Smoking and Health. It is an organization, backed by tobacco giant that opposes e-cig usage.
ANUS (Atomized Nicotine Utilizing Smoker):If you think this term is funny then you might find it funnier that it is used to address people who are new to the world of vaping.
Atomiser or Atomizer:The part of the e-cig that converts e-liquid into vapors. It is also abbreviated as Atty. A lot of vapers also use the term “Coil” for this component.

BCC (Bottom Coil Clearomiser): It is the component of an e-cig where atomizer and the heating coil is located.
BDC (Bottom Dual Coil Clearomiser):A Bottom Coil Clearomiser with two coils is called a BDC. It offers more vapor production and provides the vaper with a strong throat hit. The drawback of this component is that it drains the e-cig battery really fast as compared to a Single Coil Clearomiser.
BVC (Bottom Vertical Coil Clearomiser):This is an advanced type of bottom coil clearomiser which features only one coil in a vertical configuration which results in better airflow.
Bridge:The cover present over the atomizer in coils.
Vaping enthusiasts who use box mods.
Buck:It is a DC-DC converter which steps up the current and steps down the voltage, and both processes are carried out at the same time.

Cartomizer: Initially, e-cigs use to come with a battery along with separate cartridge and atomizer, and eventually became cartomizers that featured separate atomizer and cartridge combined into a single unit. Cartomizers are also referred to as cartridges.
CASAA:CASAA stands for Consumer Advocacy for Smoke Free Alternatives Association which is a non-profit organization that endorses electronic cigarettes and e-cig usage.
Ceramic Coils:Ceramic coil is a type of coil which is famous for offering durability and an enhanced vaping experience in terms of flavor and vapor production. Ceramic coils, where provide a superior vaping experience are also considered to be harmful for health but there are no authentic proofs to such claims.
Clearomizer:A clearomizer is a cartridge and atomizer combined together with clear walls that let the vapers see the about of e-juice left in the container.
Cigalike:Cigalike is a type of e-cig with looks similar to a traditional combustible tobacco cigarette.
Coil:The coil of an e-cig is the component that entertains the heating of e-liquid, hence turning it into vapors.
Clapton:Clapton is a coil configuration in which a thin wire is wrapped around another thicker wire to form the working coil which provides larger surface area.
Clone:A clone is a replica of a popular branded e-cig.
Cloud Chasing:The passion for creating huge vapor clouds is called cloud chasing and the vaper is called a cloud chaser.

Diacetyl:Diacetyl is a harmful chemical which is found in both combustible tobacco cigarettes as well as some e-juices used in e-cigs but the amount of diacetyl present in e-liquids (if present) is far less than the amount present in regular combustible cigarettes.
Disposable Electronic Cigarette:These e-cigs are usually cheap, cannot be refilled and are manufactured for only one-time use.
Dipping:It is a phenomenon in which the atomizer of an e-cig is dipped in the e-juice to be filled, before vaping.
Direct to lung:Like the name indicates, the vapor is inhaled directly into the lungs without dragging it in the mouth for a while.
Dry Burn:It is an effect that occurs when the coil of an e-cig is heated with an insufficient to no amount of e-liquid. Vapers carry out this activity to burn out any residue e-liquid. Experts advise users to restrain from this activity as it can cause a serious accident.

ECA:ECA stands for Electronic Cigarette Association which is an American organization that enforces various standards and legislation on e-cig usage, and endorses the products and the activity.
ECF:ECF is an acronym for E-Cigarette Forum.
ECR:ECR is an acronym for E-Cigarette Reddit.
ECITA:ECIT stands for Electronic Cigarette Trade Association which represents the e-cig industry in the UK.