Why Are Electronic Cigarettes So Effective?

April 29, 2022 3 min read

New Electronic Cigarette Study:

There have been previous studies into the effectiveness of electronic cigarettes and their ability to act as a smoking cessation but they always lacked a key component, they have never addressed the users themselves. Finally we actually have a study that incorporates vapers and their experiences with using the e-cig.

It would only seem logical to find out how effective a device is and why it works by asking the people who use it wouldn't it? Surely this is not rocket science, yet when it comes to electronic cigarettes vapers have constantly been ignored. Until now....

A recent study has addressed the vaping community which has resulted in the following five reasons that vaping works. It is one of the first to actually highlight what many other people including a lot of scientists seem to have overlooked in the past - that nicotine dependence is only a small piece of the large complex puzzle of smoking.

Psychological Characteristics Of Vaping:

Perhaps the focal reason why electronic cigarettes are so effective is because they are very similar to cigarettes. Humans are creatures of habit and as such we find comfort in regularity. We as a society have been conditioned to fear the unknown which impedes on our ability or willingness to change. An electronic cigarette seamlessly allows a smoker to easily transverse from one method of acquiring nicotine to another. Smokers use the device in exactly the same fashion and even experience the sensation at the back of the throat when they inhale. One vaper in the study said:

That feeling when it comes down and hits your throat and you inhale it – that’s like a big deal for us all.

Social Aspects:

You only have to look online to see how big the vaping community is. There are literally thousands of people online talking about different electronic cigarettes they have tried, mods they have used or e liquid flavours.

People love to be part of something and the electronic cigarette combined with its vaping community capitalises on this. We only have to look at the 2nd most visited site in the world, Facebook, to see just how big a part social plays on our daily lives.

Unlike other smoking cessations, the vaping community provides a support network to those who are new to vaping. When have you ever heard two people using nicotine patches talking about them and what brand their using?

“Hi John, is that a new nicotine patch you have got on there?”

“Yeah, this one is circular one I am trying out...thought I’d be a little adventurous”

Hobby Aspects:

Again unlike their unsocial counterparts, electronic cigarettes can be used as part of a hobby. There are countless e liquid flavours to try and the ability to custom create your own flavours opens up a DIY e liquid world full of unique and interesting possibilities. Smokers who would once collect lighters are now collecting different devices, juices and mods.

Personal Identity:

Instead of being labelled smokers, making the move to electronic cigarettes allows the users of e cigs to redefine their identity (Vaper).

Quitting Smoking Vs Quitting Nicotine:

Although some people wanted to quit smoking they didn’t necessarily want to quit nicotine. One vaper in the survey stated:

My goal is to be nicotine-free at some point, but I’m not in a hurry.

The main goal for a lot of people surveyed seemed to indicate that they their main priority was to find an safer alternative form of nicotine usage as oppose to actually quitting nicotine entirely, at least on a short term basis anyway. The problem with NRT is that they were solely designed to be temporary.