Can I Smoke My Electronic Cigarette On A Plane?

April 29, 2022 3 min read

Ladies and gentleman, welcome aboard Simply Airlines flight 101 with a non-stop service to London. Please turn your attention to our flight attendant neatest your seat for your safety demonstration. Please follow along with the safety card located in the back of your seat in the netted pocket in front of you.

Make sure your seatbelt is securely fastened at this time. To fasten click the metal buckle into the holder and use the red strap to tighten or loosen the belt as required.

The emergency exits on this flight can be located....

Please make sure you are fully understand our safety procedures and turn off all electric devices during takeoff. Oh and on a final note, please refrain from using your electronic cigarette on this aircraft for the full duration of this flight. Thank you for your co-operation and please sit back and enjoy the ride.

Can I Smoke On A Plane

Sorry did I hear that right? “please refrain from using your electronic cigarette on this aircraft for the full duration of this flight”. Although the above flight message was made up, don’t expect it to be too long before this message is heard on an increasing number of flights around the world.

Electronic Cigarettes are marketed as being able to be used anywhere, even in places that impose the smoking ban so how come the majority of American Airlines have, or are in the process of altering their flight policies and adding e cigs to the list of prohibited items?

Back in February 2011 the Associated Press reported that the Department of Transportation (DOT) said “the use of smokeless electronic cigarettes is prohibited and plans to issue an official ban." However when the Business Insider asked DOT if this particular ban was ever issued they were told to get in contact with the FAA regarding the situation. Following on from this they contacted the FAA to be told "Currently, U.S. air carriers do not allow them since they contradict the no smoking ban as well as produce a propylene glycol emission when smoked."

The majority of US airlines agree that there seems to be no danger in the devices themselves being used on the aircraft however the misconception surrounding them would cause unnecessary trouble. Also the vapour produced by these would be a nuisance to other passengers.

On American flights, the e cig seems to have been well and truly grounded. So if you are a smoker or someone in the process of quitting using e liquid than it looks like nicotine patches and gum are your best way to get your fix whilst a mile up in the sky.

However here in the UK it seems that the use of these devices is still legal with some airlines even selling them. That said if you wish to use an electronic cigarette then a little understanding and respect for others wouldn’t go a miss, use the following tips to make sure you don’t run into any trouble:

1. Inform the Cabin Crew

To avoid any confusion you should inform the cabin crew that you have an electronic cigarette. A good tip is to try and not use words such as ‘Electronic Cigarette’ or ‘E Cig’ as this may alarm them, instead use the term Vapestick of nicotine inhaler. Also by purchasing an e cig that has a bright coloured light on the end (preferably not yellow or orange) will help your cause as this clearly differentiates the electronic version from a regular cigarette.

2. Use the Rest Room (If allowed on flight)

Why not take a little 5 minute trip to the restroom, out of the view of fellow passengers. There would be no concern about triggering any alarms as no smoke is released and the vapour mist produced dissipates within a matter of seconds leaving no trace.

3. Be Polite

If you want to vape in your seat then you should out of politeness ask your fellow passengers sitting next to you if they mind you using your electronic cigarette. Politely explain what an e cig is and ask if they mind you using it –if you explain to them that only vapour is released, more than likely they will be understanding.

Before booking a flight make sure you fully understand the airlines policies regarding electronic cigarettes. Some airlines allow them to be packed in your travel bag but not used whilst others don’t allow them at all - this will insure you don’t run into any trouble and have a nice and enjoyable flight.

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