For Dogs Sake - Put Down That Cigarette

April 29, 2022 3 min read

Its A Dogs Life...Or is it?

You get in from a hard day at work, your boss has been on your back all day, you spilt coffee down your new shirt and to top it off Dave got employee of the month again for the third month running. Yes Dave, the guy who makes sure his tie and socks match in the morning and talks about nothing but Big Brother. Suddenly Max, your four legged friend, comes darting down the stairs and greets you, his tail going round in circles like a miniature wind turbine. You sit down with your little companion and all of a sudden you find everything seems ok again. You walk to the kitchen, stick a pizza in the oven and then throw your brown stained shirt in the wash. Time for a well earned cigarette.

Right, ok, smoking is bad for you, you get it!!! You have seen all the posters and anti-smoking adverts going and to be honest you don’t have been smoking for 20 years, live alone so are not doing anyone any harm to anyone but yourself, and enjoy the ‘occasional light up’. What’s wrong with that? The thing is you don’t live alone do you? What about Max?

Many smokers are now well educated about passive smoking and the health implications smoking around others can have but they often forget about their pets. Studies have shown that second hand smoking can be more hazardous to our furry friends than to us as the toxins that are released through the smoking process into the air can come in contact on the pets fur and skin. As we all know animals clean themselves by the process of licking their fur which results in the tar and nicotine entering the digestive system each and every time they have a ‘wash’.

As Sick As A Dog:

Research shows us that your pet is at high risk from the following if you continue to smoke around them:

  • Respiratory Problems
  • Allergies
  • Skin Diseases
  • Diarrhoea
  • Eye Infections
  • Vomiting
  • Salivation


It’s hard to believe that anyone who is aware of the potential dangers they are putting their beloved pets in just by having a cigarette would continue to smoke around them.

What Steps Can You Take To Protect Your Pets Until You Quit?

Even if you wish to continue to carry on smoking, you owe it to your pet to clean up your act so to speak. Make sure you minimise the risks by:

  • Wash your hands after smoking before you touch your pets
  • Change your clothes after smoking
  • Keep ashtrays constantly clean
  • Make sure you discard your cigarette properly. This also includes any nicotine gum and patches you may be using to try and quit

Is Your Dog Smoking 15 A Day?

Scottish scientists have discovered that some smoker’s dogs are forced to inhale the equivalent of up to 15 cigarettes a day. By examining the coats of 38 dogs that are owned by smokers, the amount of nicotine found in the dogs coats ranged from 1mg to 11.3mg (1 to around 15 cigarettes daily). A professor who regularly treats dogs with cancer said “People will often bring their pets in, smelling of smoke, and they are still not making the link with smoking”. Treatments for a dog with cancer can cost in excessive of £4,000 and it is not uncommon for a high percentage of people who are faced with this enormous cost to have their dog put down because they can’t afford the bill.

Nine Lives May Not Be Enough

For your pets sake (and your own) stop smoking. I am sure if your pets could talk they would be telling you the same. So if you feel you HAVE to have that cigarette, please take it outdoors.

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