Can You Die From Smoking?

April 29, 2022 2 min read

More than 50% of ALL smokers die from smoking related illnesses.

It is most common for smokers to think of cancer - and lung cancer especially, as the only killer of smokers. However, this is not the only disease that smokers suffer from.

In fact, the most common disease is arteriosclerosis, which is when your blood vessels narrow down due to a mixture of different toxic substances accumulating in the cardiovascular system and 35,000 people die every year from this in the United States alone.

Arteriosclerosis can go unnoticed for years and some of the time can go unnoticed for decades at a time, as this can not show any symptoms. This can eventually cause heart diseases; attacks, hypertension, apoplectic strokes and thrombosis which is brought on by an oxygen undersupply. Evidence also suggests that people who have been smoking for 25 years or longer can expect to suffer heart conditions such as a heart attack.

There are many other cancers, like pancreatic, colon, gullet, prostate and even testicular cancer. You can get throat and mouth cancer too.

The only way to prevent such diseases occurring is by stopping smoking.

The sooner you quit the better you will feel and the less chance of contracting diseases. You may suffer some side effects if you go “cold turkey.”

Side effects are short lived, but will include; anxiety, irritability and maybe even weight gain.

If you use nicotine replacement therapies, you will soon get over these as your mind gets used to the lack of nicotine in your system and your habit slowly loosens its grasp.

In terms of nicotine replacement, with smoking E Liquid in e cigarettes you can gradually wean yourself off of the smoking habit. The e cig is a considerable healthier alternative to real smoking, so some smoke e cigs permanently as a lifestyle choice. It is considered a sensible way to gradually cut down on your habit, rather than quitting suddenly where your body could react badly.

For you and those that surround you every day, this could be a great way of sensibly reducing your nicotine intake and inhibiting your chances of dying in the future from a smoking related disease.

The e-liquid consists of two main ingredients, propylene glycol and nicotine. You are able to choose a variety of different flavours each time whilst decreasing the amount of nicotine dose you use. To find the cheapest e liquid look around a few different websites, also look to see if there is a sale or clearance page to find discount e-liquid or electronic cigarettes which would further save you money.