Simon Cowell Vows To Curb Smoking For Son

April 29, 2022 1 min read

I don’t think there is a single human being on the planet that hasn't heard of the name Simon Cowell. Simon shot to fame in such shows as Pop Idol (2001) and American Idol (2002) with his notoriously critical reputation.

Simon To Stop Smoking In Front Of Son

After a recent picture immerged of Simon smoking next to his heavily pregnant girlfriend, Laura Silverman, he has come out and promised to try and quit smoking when his son is born.

After being asked by LBC 97.3 radio if he would smoke in front of his son Simon replied “No, I won’t do that, I've learnt that”.

He continued “I’m trying to do electronic cigarettes, they’re not bad. But moderation would be better”

Dedicated Smoking Room

In order to provide his son with a safe environment in which to grow up in Simon has noted he will have a dedicated smoking room as well as hiding away any cigarettes and alcohol in his house.

He said “There are a lot of boring things that happen when you have a baby.

“You have to get rid of sharp edges, cigarettes, alcohol...then there's the toilet to make safe. But I’ll have a smoking room”.