Creating A Quit Smoking Schedule

April 29, 2022 2 min read

When trying to quit smoking, you should draw up a schedule. This enables you to make proper plans and set targets.

Your quit smoking schedule should include:

  1. Write on the calendar when you plan to have your last real cigarette, and when you want to be smoke free. Be realistic, 1 month might not be long enough.
  2. Write in time for you to meditate and relax. Learn breathing exercises. When you smoke you are inhaling a lot of toxic substances which are very bad for you –so one of the ways to help you quit smoking is by exhaling in a deep relaxed state. Doing this will calm your mind and remind you of your goals.  You have a sense of control when meditating as it helps you relax and relieve your mind of all worries. This can be done anywhere, maybe in a quiet room where you can close your eyes or listen to some soothing music where you can focus on things more important.
  3. Schedule in day to day reminders. This may include, drinking water. This may seem silly to you, but having a sip of water every so often will help discard any cravings for a smoke and with this also helps to get rid of some nicotine lingering in your system. You might aim to drink a litre every three hours.
  4. Use products that actually work – like e liquid. This is a product found in e cigarettes. It can help you wean your way off smoking. You can purchase uk e liquid from a number of stores and online websites  Having a physical product resembling that of a real cigarette can mentally help you quit smoking as the change you have made is not a visual one. With this e liquid comes a variety of flavours including apple, vanilla, chocolate, cigar and tobacco. This is one of the better quit-smoking products as you are able to lower the dose and be in control which is something most smokers feel is important. It is definatly a stop smoking product worth investing in if you are planning to quit – and are serious about it. E liquid nicotine strengths vary from containing a lot of nicotine to containing none. You should mark the day on the calendar when you plan to start using the e cig and when you plan on lowering the strength of nicotine. This helps you to keep track of your progress effectively.
  5. Reward yourself when you have totally quit!