Has This E-Cig Commercial Gone Too Far?

April 29, 2022 2 min read

Pushing the Boundaries Of Advertising?

While it’s no secret that the advertising companies use provocative imagery and suggestion to sell products has VIP taken their electronic cigarette commercial a little too far?

An electronic cigarette company which aired two innuendo laced adverts during the commercial break of the highly popular reality TV program I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here, has come under fire from around 150 viewers who thought that they took their suggestive comments too far.

The first of the adverts opens up with a glamorous woman in a black cocktail dress who then proceeds to make suggestive comments in a seductive voice that are in a clear reference to a sexual act.

The second follows suit with the first, however this advert features a well dress man who again asks some equally provocative questions such as “Do you want me to get it out?”

Its only when the adverts have run their full course that the viewers find out the true nature of the context.

Unhappy Viewers Storm Social Giant

Some unhappy views took their anger and displeasure out on the social networking giant Twitter with one unhappy person tweeting “The VIP electronic cigarette advert is quite literally the most distasteful thing I've ever seen” and another writing “That VIP electronic cigarette advert is too sexual, like unbelievably cringe sexual”.

In full support and defending their actions a spokeswoman for VIP said,

“I think it’s safe to say that our ads could be considered controversial and definitely push boundaries.

“Due to advertising regulations we were not permitted to include the product in the ad, so we decided to take a tongue in cheek approach to appeal to an adult audience and communicate the superior taste of VIP products”.

As stated before this is no new gimmick in the game of advertising, adverts have been pushing the boundaries for years. We only have to look at a Cadbury’s flake ad that aired back in the 1960s to see how long this has been going on:

It’s not only the adverting industry that uses these type of tactics with sexual music videos from such artists as Rhianna and Mylie Cyrus flooding the charts on a regular basis.

What do you think? Is this a clever advert that successfully reflects the modern acceptance surrounding the subject of sex or has this commercial taken things too far with its suggestive and provocative nature?

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