Questions About E Liquid

April 29, 2022 2 min read

People still have a lot of questions and doubts about e liquid and e cigarettes. This is natural as it is still quite a new concept. Electronic cigarettes claim to be the better alternative to cigarette smoking. Two main questions about e cigarettes and e liquid are addressed here.

What ingredients are in e liquid?

This is a very common question - there are two main e liquid ingredients. The first ingredient is called propylene glycol and the second is nicotine which is the substance that smokers are addicted to. It can be very difficult o quit because nicotine attacks the brain cells, making you dependant.

Propylene Gylcol is the substance that enables e cig smokers to, what is known as, “vape.” Propylene Glycol is marked as safe by the Food and Drug Administration or as it is sometimes called, the FDA.

It is very safe and causes no harm to anyone who uses it. It is also found in everyday items such as shampoo and medicine

An alternative to PG is VG which is vegetable glycerin. This is made from a certain plant substance. This is just as safe as PG. E liquids can be bought on the internet from reputable suppliers.

How can I tell how much of nicotine is in my e liquid?

E liquid is labelled with the strength of the nicotine inside it. Generally, you would want to get the nicotine strength that is equal to the amount of nicotine that you normally get from regular cigarette smoking.

E liquid comes in different strengths from very low to super high. Because of this, many people are able to effectively “wean” themselves off of nicotine by lowering doses gradually.

The strongest is high which is about 18 to 24 mg and the second one is medium which ranges from 11 to 16 mg. The lowest dose is 0 to 6 mg and you can even get some e liquid without any nicotine in.

If you feel lightheaded, that means that you are taking far too much nicotine for your body. It is best to take a lower dose.

Although nicotine is present in e cigs, it is non carcinogenic so this means it is better for your health and the people around you than regular cigarette smoking. Because e cigs are FDA approved, this should give you the confidence to know how safe it is, too.

E Liquid comes in many different flavours including Tobacco, Chocolate, RY4, Orange, Vanilla, Cigar and even Strawberry Cheesecake. To find the cheapest e liquid for you electronic cigarette you should look around and look on websites sale and clearance sections to find the best deals and prices.