Why Should I Quit Smoking?

April 29, 2022 2 min read

Why would you want to quit smoking?

Here are just a few benefits ;

  1. It will lengthen your life expectancy.
  2.  Suffering from smoke-related diseases is slow and painful – continuously smoking will enhance your chances of getting these diseases, like cancer or heart attacks.
  3. COPDs will be less common, like a painful cough with bronchitis
  4. Yellow fingers and the lingering smell of cigarettes will be diminished.
  5.  Without smoking, the circulation of your blood and its pressure would return to normal and your health will be by far better off.
  6. You’ll also regain your sense of taste and smell with the added benefit of being able to breathe far easier than you have been able to

What are the side effects of quitting?

Side effects are short lived, but will include; anxiety, irritability and maybe even weight gain. You will soon get over these as your mind gets used to the lack of nicotine. Many people find these side effects difficult to cope with, but staying on the right path is essential.

There are some methods to help you quit smoking ;

Breathing exercises, this will help you exhale some of the toxic substances that you inhale every time you have another cigarette.

Drinking lots of water; this will help your nicotine craving and will help you get rid of some of the nicotine still lingering in your system.

Meditation; Why not try and focus on other things by closing your eyes and thinking about what you need to do in that day; this will then focus the energy away from your cravings.

Gums and patches; These act as a nicotine replacement therapy, these popular products can help keep cravings at bay because they work much like e liquid. They contain nicotine to beat cravings.

Staying positive; there will always be a stressful moment where you will want to reach for a cigarette, but keeping a positive mindset will help you to achieve your goal.

What is most successful?

There are many successful products and medication to help you quit but one of the main ones includes E cigarettes. This is an electronic look-alike cigarette which contains e liquid. E liquid includes two main ingredients, nicotine and propylene glycol, and you can choose from a range of flavours from chocolate and ice-cream to tea and coffee. Electronic cigarettes are cheaper then cigarettes and discount eliquid can be bought online in varying strengths depending on your personal requirement. If you are unsure on which strength to choose or what flavour to pick from there are a selection of forums which can be found online where you can find some eliquid reviews to help you.