Not Getting Enough Vapour? – Here’s Why

April 29, 2022 3 min read

Are you finding you're vaping and putting out less steam than a cold cup of tea? There are lots of reasons this can happen, ranging from the vaping techniques you use to issues with the E cigarette itself.

If you are experiencing this problem, the first thing you need to do is figure out what's actually going wrong. You can't fix an issue if you don't know what's causing the issue right?

So Why Isn't My E Cigarette Producing Enough Vapour?

There are lots of different reasons this could be the case. Here are some of the reasons:

Your Expectations Are Too High

It's important to recognise that you may well be expecting more vapour than you're likely to get. Perhaps you've seen a few impressive videos online showing people blowing insane amounts of vapour and wonder why you're not getting the same amount of plumage. Well the first thing you need to know is a lot of those people don't inhale the vapour, they simply take it in their mouth and then blow it back out again. This could be the reason your expectations are too high - because they're not inhaling and you are.

You're Vaping As Though You're Smoking A Cigarette

Lots of people swapping from normal cigarettes to E cigarettes 'smoke' their E cigarette like they used to smoke normal cigarettes. It is important to recognise that the two are very different. Both are designed to be used in a specific way to achieve certain results. With a normal cigarette you suck hard and fast, with E cigarettes you need to take a slow, long draw which enables the atomizer to heat up and turn the E liquid to vapour. Smoking an E cigarette like a normal cigarette could not only damage the E cigarette, but it could damage you by causing you to directly inhale Eliquid.

Your Battery Needs Charging

It may sound simple but, it's such an easy mistake to make. Even before your battery is indicating that it needs to be charged, there will still be a difference in vapour production when it isn't fully charged. You can check if this is the issue by using another fully charged battery and seeing if that makes a difference with your vapour production.

Your Battery Area Needs A Clean

It may be the case that the area surrounding the battery needs cleaning. If it isn't clean, air can't get through the vents which means you won't get much vapour. Clean it regularly using a needle or similar item and tissue.

Your Cartomizer Or Cartridge Has Issues

It may be the case that your cartomizer or cartridge has issues. It's important that the cartomizer is regularly topped up with Eliquid. It can be easy to forget to top up, which can cause problems. When the Eliquid is used up the coil will dry up and burn the filler fabric - you will know when this happens because you'll get a really nasty taste in your mouth. Unfortunately when this happens it also renders the cartridge useless.

Your Cartomizer/ Atomizer Needs Replacing

Cartomizers will not last you forever, and the atomizer attached will deteriorate and need replacing eventually. You may also find that your cartomizer cleaning regime has damaged it in some way, which could affect how well it works.

Lack Of Parts Contact

It might be the case that the battery and cartomizer are not in contact the way they should be, which will cause your E cigarette to produce less vapour. If you notice more air coming through the vapour than usual, try swapping the cartridge as that could be the issue.

You Have A Faulty Or Low Quality E Cigarette

After you've checked everything else, and find you're still having low vapour issues it might be time to accept that you have either a faulty or low quality E Cigarette. Put it down to experience and invest a bit more money in reputable, high quality E cigarette or speak to the vendor and explain the issues, asking for a replacement or refund.