How To Stop Your Vape Tank From Leaking

April 29, 2022 2 min read

When it comes to vaping, not much else is more frustrating than having to deal with a vape tank that leaks when you want to try out a new flavor of e-liquid. Certain vape tanks can start to leak even after you have had the e-juice in the tank for some time already. It is not only frustrating when all of the juice has leaked out, but a real headache when the e-juice has leaked out in your pocket or purse. Fortunately, there are some vaping tips to stop or prevent your vaping tank from experiencing a leak. These basic tips can preserve the eliquid in your vaping tank and save you on frustration and money.

Fill The Tank Carefully

One of the first tips on preventative measures which are able to avoid the typical causes related to leaky vape-tanks is to take care when filling the vape tank. Pay attention to where you are filling the liquid into, as it is highly possible to squirt the e-liquid into the chimney of the tank which is the area that the airflow comes from. Even a very small amount of e-juice that lands up in the chimney can result in a leak or even worse a spit back.

Don't Leave The Tank On Its Side

In some cases it possible that you mindlessly put down your vaping device or a tank you have just filled on its side. To assist in avoiding this leak type, that is able to loosen seals in the tank. Is to always make sure the vape mod or tank is always in the upright position when you fill up the tank or when not in use.

Ensure That The Tank's O-Rings And Seals Are Snug

If you are already practiced the above mentioned tips, and your tank still leaks, it is time to investigate the tank in order to ensure all seales are tightened and lined up. You should also check that the O-rings along with the exterior of the tank have not been damaged. A slightly loose joint can result in e-juice leaks which are able to affect whether the tank is airtight or not. It is also advisable to seal airflows when you are not using the device to prevent flooding the tank.

Clean The Vape Tank

When all the above mentioned tips have not worked, you may want to wash out and dry the tank in order to remove gunk that has accumulated in the juice chamber or air intake which may be causing the e-juice to leak out or back-up.