Quit Smoking Today With These Top 10 Tips

April 29, 2022 3 min read


Quitting smoking is a hugedeal…there’s no point in hiding from how big a deal it really is; if you’re seriously thinking of going on the journey towards being smoke free then the first thing you must do is acknowledge how life changing this battle (and it is a battle) is going to be.

It’s tough to give up…very tough, which is why so many people continue to smoke despite being fully informed of the many health risks associated with it. Tobacco is thought to be more addictive than many class A drugs and those who want to stop will need to take time to fully arm themselves with all of the tools necessary to make their efforts a success.

Here are the top ten tips you will need to ensure that you are victorious in your battle against tobacco!

1: Get your reasons ready:

This sounds obvious right? Everyone know the reasonsthey should give up smoking but the trick to being a success is to ensure that you really face up to these reasons and keep them right in front of you at all times. Make up a list of reasons to stop smoking, post them in every room of your home. Make sure they’re clearly written or printed and laminate them.

2: Set a date:

Choose a date to quit or to start your gradual withdrawal. Knowing this date is looming may fill you with doubts as it draws closer but also know that your mind is playing tricks on you…only good can come of giving up.


3: Dump the paraphernalia:

Take a rubbish bag and fill it with all smoking related items that you own. Every ashtray, lighter, tobacco tin...throw them away. Wash all of your clothing to ensure that the smell is not lingering on any of your items and start the next day clean and free of the junk associated with smoking.


4: Visualise yourself as a non-smoker:

In quiet moments, as your date draws closer, take time to see yourself as a non-smoker. Say the phrase “I don’t smoke.” out loud to yourself. This will prepare your mind for its new identity.


5: Announce your plans:

Tell everyone that you are giving up and let them know your date. This is motivational as nobody wants to publicly fail. Use social media to help you with this and in weak moments, go back and look at your status updates…remind yourself that you are engaged in battle and that you can be the victor.


6: Notice your smoking triggers:

For some people its coffee, for others it’s the end of a meal. Whatever moments in your day are your triggers, take note of them and change your routine. If you are someone who likes to smoke with an alcoholic drink, you need to stop drinking alcohol for a while. If you’re someone who lights up every time you make a phone call, do something else whilst you chat. Modelling clay can be a great distraction.


7: Ban smoking in and around your home:

Tell your smoking friends and family that you can’t be around smoke and that in order to help you succeed they need to respect this.


8: Join an online support group:

Support groups are everywhere these days: you will find them on social media and in various chatrooms. Join in, share your battle.


9: Get an electronic cigarette:

E cigarettes are proven to be more successful than patches or gum in the battle to give up smoking. Find out all about this powerful tool, get one and use it to make the move from smoker to smoke-free.


10: Congratulate yourself:

Don’t forger to tell yourself how well you’re doing! If you manage to go an hour without a cigarette that’s great. Two hours? Fantastic! A day! You’re winning! This is very important as it helps to remove the focus on what you don’t have…i.e. cigarettes…to what you do have…lungs which are growing healthier by the minute.