The New Electronic Cigarette Legislation

April 29, 2022 3 min read

Isn’t it infuriating that the best things in life always seem to be bad for you?

Doughnuts make you fat, alcohol causes you to act like a loon and to crash your car. Smoking makes your teeth fall out, ruins your skin and then it kills you.

But wait! Vaping is the exception right? It is enjoyable and can help you to lead a healthier life.

So why are new regulations coming into force 20 May 2016 and what do they mean for you?

How Will the New Legislation Affect You?

The 2001 EU Tobacco Products Directive will be updated this year to classify electronic cigarettes as tobacco related products, even though they aren’t! As a result electronic cigarettes and e-liquids will be subject to a raft of new regulations.

Naturally we are on top of this issue here at Simply eLiquids and we will be making the changes necessary to ensure that your vaping experience is disrupted as little as possible.


Here’s what you need to know:

Refill containers will be restricted to 10ml

Fear not! With Simply eLiquids you will still be able to purchase 30ml quantities of your favourite flavours because this represents the best value for money. We are simply going to send your order as 3 x 10ml bottles.

The maximum nicotine strength will be reduced to 20mg

We will ensure that our juices comply with the new rules. If you wish to stock up on stronger eliquid then do it now!

Tanks and cartridges will be reduced to a capacity of 2ml

We will be forced to discontinue products with tanks and cartomizers larger than 2ml. However, we will work hard to bring you a fabulous new range of products that comply with the legislation.

All e-cig products’ packaging will have to be child proof

No problem! Simply has always packaged e-liquids in child proof bottles because safety has always been our primary concern.

There will be greater government scrutiny of products

The industry will be required to provide detailed and transparent information about all products and their ingredients. We have nothing to hide as we only offer the highest quality e-liquids.

The possibility now exists for electronic cigarettes to be banned

If 3 or more member states express the desire to ban e-cigs it is possible that the process to ban them could be initiated. In addition the new regulations demand that e-cigs must provide a consistent dose of nicotine which is impossible as vapers can draw as long or as hard as they wish. Furthermore, leak free refuelling will be compulsory! This is impossible to achieve as the efficiency of refuelling is largely down to the user. We will continue to ensure that our e-cigs are as efficient and reliable as possible.


Let's Protect the Future of Vaping

Vaping is to be subject to more stringent regulation than regular cigarettes and this is plainly ludicrous. So many people’s lives have been transformed by electronic cigarettes that we must join together to do everything we can to protect the future of vaping. We must do this for our own sakes and for those of the next generation. We shouldn’t tolerate a situation in which it is perfectly fine to stuff our faces with doughnuts until we get diabetes but we cannot vape. One where we can drink ourselves into an early grave but are prevented from vaping.

Please write to your MEP today to register your concerns. It is easy to do this at Start a petition at and send us a link or sign any petitions that are currently open. Post your feelings on Facebook and tweet like crazy.

Together we can make a difference!