The Rise of the Vape Bars and Vaping Lounges

April 29, 2022 2 min read


Vape bars are the latest big thing with bars springing up across America and the UK. These are nothing like traditional bars where cocktails and beers are on the menu…vape bars offer a vast menu of eliquid flavours as well as a quiet place to sit with other vapers and chat whilst enjoying the wide variety of flavours on offer.

Vape Bars Prove Safe Environment For Vapers To Vape


Vaping is still suffering from being a grey area when it comes to public usage with vapers admitting that they are often unsure whether or not it’s acceptable to vape in a variety of situations both public and private. Vape bars remove that uncertainty and allow vapers to enjoy their electronic cigarettes without fear of being castigated for “smoking” in public.

Many non vapers still don’t understand that vaping does not produce smoke but vapour and are still unsure about the safety aspects of second hand vaping. Because business owners have spotted this, the growth of vape bars is speeding up as more and more savvy entrepreneurs get on the bandwagon.


Regulation however could be looming…at least in the USA as the FDA consider whether or not to regulate “additional tobacco products” in the same way as cigarettes and other traditional smoking products and if regulation happens in the USA perhaps the UK won’t be far behind.

If regulation takes place, then what is the future for vape bars? The medical industry is not backward in coming forwards when it comes to suggesting that vaping is far preferable than smoking and although research is ongoing, the widely held opinion amongst professionals is that vaping is far less harmful than smoking.

If vaping bars don’t get their free spread then what will happen? Will they become like speakeasies of the past…with vapers forced to go underground? Or will the freedom to vape in public be upheld? The jury may still be out on vaping but the figures don’t lie when it comes to working out how many ex smokers turned vapers have successfully given up tobacco.