Second Hand Vaping...What Second Hand Vaping?

April 29, 2022 3 min read

Recently we have seen new and fresh studies on the effects of electronic cigarettes which have mostly put the quit smoking devices in good light however there are always those that will look to bring vaping down. One of the main arguments against e cigs that is used to fuel the anti vaping fire is that of second hand vaping. There are those that argue that ultimately it’s up to the user if they wish to use an electronic cigarette, however others should not have to breathe in the vapour produced when the eliquidis heated. Ok, yes I agree that this is a valid point, why should one individual who doesn't use e cigs have to breathe in the lingering vapour of someone that does? Well According to a new study by French researchers they don’t.

Second Hand Vaping Research

This new research shows that the lifetime of electronic cigarette vapour is approximately only 11 seconds which means that they represent no real risk of second hand vaping. When you compare this to the 20 minutes cigarette smoke approximately takes to dissipate then using this research we can safely say that this argument has been well and truly been blown out of the water. Again you might get those that say well even though the vapour’s lifetime is only a minute 11 seconds...this is still 11 seconds where a bystander can breathe in the vaper. True, but when you think of the hidden fumes you breathe in on a daily basis then the 11 seconds of vapour is really put into perspective. Below are 3 examples of hidden toxins that can be breathed in on a daily basis by humans:

  • Car Fumes – Whether we are walking to work or just going for a stroll in the glorious UK summer weather (ok, maybe a slight exaggeration) chances are we will be exposed to car exhaust fumes. This also includes topping up at petrol stations, the fumes breathed in while we fill up are very toxic
  • Nail Salons – Yes I did just say Nail Salons. Maybe this one isn't topping the list for toxicity but did you know that the fumes that you can usually smell as you pass a salon are toxic? With the beauty industry booming at the moment we have seen a massive influx of these types of beauty salons opening up. The problem with this saturated market is that it is imperative to keep costs down, and how do they do this? By cutting costs!! These cuts are usually made to the cosmetics which ultimately mean they have a higher percentage of toxic chemicals. There has actually been quite a bit of research into this on the effects the chemicals can potentially have on the staff who work at these salons.
  • Candles / Air Fresheners – So your house now smells of fresh flowers, lavender or even fresh laundry but did you know that the American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine says that regular use of such products can increase your chance of developing asthma by 30 to 50%. Such products contain Phthalates which are chemicals that are often found in sealants in adhesives.

Yeah, those 11 seconds of vapour don’t really seem so much of an issue anymore do they? Another interesting point to make about this study is that one of the researchers behind the results, Professor Luke Clancy, is against vaping after claiming that the devices offer youths a gateway to smoking. Surely someone who is against vaping would have been out to find research that discredited the devices not defend them.

Since the research is in French it could take some time before the full details of this study can be unveiled – however we do have the important bits. Vaping unlike smoking cannot cause harm to none vapers through passive vaping.