Vanilla E Liquid – A New Flavour For Each Day Of The Week

April 29, 2022 3 min read

Vanilla e liquid is one of the latest flavours of e liquid which can be found on electronic cigarette websites and retailer sites.

What is so great about vanilla e liquid?

Some people may feel reluctant to try this e liquid but our reviewers found it to be a great choice for those who have a sweet tooth. The vanilla is fragrant yet not overpowering, and is great for people who want a little sweet treat when they use their e cig.

Why choose this flavour?

There are loads of reasons why you should choose this flavours over other more traditional flavours, like normal cigarette or cigar tastes. Vanilla gives a whole other dimension to smoking the e cig- it is light and interesting and most people will like it – even those who don’t class themselves as having a sweet tooth.

When should I use this e liquid flavour?

You can use this e liquid flavour whenever you like. Some people choose to mix up their flavours and try a different one each day. So this might mean peach on a Monday, chocolate on a Tuesday, Vanilla on a Wednesday, and so on. Some people prefer to use this e liquid after a meal as the sweet taste has much the same effect as a pudding – but without the calories!

What does the Vanilla flavour go well with?

You can try any e liquid alongside the vanilla flavour. They are all separate and you can mix and match as you like. One that we do think goes well with vanilla is coffee. Coffee e liquid is one flavour which many users of the e cig enjoys. If you don’t like coffee, you should try this anyway as you may still like it because it is not a strong coffee taste.

What does vanilla e liquid come in?

You don’t just get sent a bag of it! The e liquid comes in a bottle which is handy as it can be put into your pocket or bag without adding extra bulk to you. This means that no one will even know what it is or that you have it on you, making it ideal for people on the go who want to travel light.

What is the bottle like?

The e liquid comes in a bottle designed to be dispensed per drop. This means your hands stay clean and don’t get messy with the liquid. You don’t have to have any contact with the liquid itself. This means that all you need to do with this vanilla e liquid is put 2-3 drops into your cartridge and you can then use your e cigarette to your heart’s content.

How much does it cost?

The bottle doesn’t cost a lot which means you really can indulge in many different flavours, not just vanilla. You can change your e cig flavour as your mood changes! It works out as 1 Bottle of 30ml E-Liquid which equates to 120 cartridges. It will be a while before you need to replace it for a new one which makes it very cost effective. Also make sure to look at the website discount page for special offers on discount e liquid and electronic cigarettes.

How strong is the nicotine content in the vanilla e liquid?

The vanilla flavour e liquid comes in varying strengths, like most e liquids. It also comes in a super high strength for people who class themselves as heavier smokers. This means the nicotine level matches that of what you’re used to as a a heavy smoker. Some smokers prefer a weaker amount of nicotine which can be easily matched with e liquid strengths.